Hello Wednesday, and you, my friend!

I’m excited to bring you more new bits of inspiration, weekly, to you, for you, from you, and me!

Words, poems, stories, quotes. 

You know me, I love words, I’m always curious. I love journaling, I love writing and poetry, and people’s stories. That’s one reason why I’ve continued to do my bi-weekly video podcast, Heart and Hustle: Visionary, Healers, Movers, and Shakers ( go here…), to share with you the magic makers, the dreamers, the creators, etc, that help make life exciting and better…

Now I want to bring more of the written word to you ( another reason why I teach a weekly journaling class online, to get out of the head and the body, and onto the page…(join here), for beauty, exploration, all the feels, the senses, the visions.

Today, to kick us off, is a submission from one of my journaling students, Lauren… who shares her love of words…

From the Flower to the Seed…

by: Lauren Sara

When I gaze into your eyes from years ahead no words are needed

Our hearts intertwine

You are a gentle spring petal with a blazing hot cauldron inside of you

Do not fear the fire, the petal can live with the flame

You are intuitive and have been and will always be

Let the hairs on your arms and the back of your neck rise, and guide you

The mother, though a mother, is not perfect because her mother was not perfect

And in all of our imperfection, life is beautiful

You are beautiful


Thanks for being here, and for reading, and listening, and tuning in…

See you soon,

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