Again, and always in my world of creation, co-creation, collaboration, productivity, inspiration, and more…
I like to consider myself a word witch!
I am a magic maker, a movement motivator, a passion instigator… and so much more…fun with how I describe myself, playing with words that help me show up as authentic and who I am…

But really, I am….

creating visions with words, telling stories, laying down beauty through journaling, planning desires, bringing clarity through the act of listening deep to my own heart, soul, body… and releasing it from my body to the page!

What I do as your coach, your writing facilitator, your crazy-ass sacred rebel, is to help you to live a life full of your pleasure, making the changes you want to see, stepping into your desires, and rewriting your story.

This starts with helping you develop your journaling practice, and giving you the space to allow yourself to step into the practice and play with your words, your writing, your creativity!

and that’s what we do in my journaling classes!

How do you describe yourself? What words do you use? Can you step into more of your wildness? Ready to unleash more of yourself?

And it is all about taking baby steps… what I talked about this week on my Lively Conversation Monday!
and if you did not see it-here is the replay…

Lively Conversation with Paulette- Today let’s talk about Motivation!
Monday Momentum… beautiful souls, how are you starting your week? Do you start with excitement for the week ahead, your work, your fun, your relationships, your personal time? Are you clear on how you want to show up this week, even just today? Even just this part of the day? Let’s talk about those baby steps out of overwhelm to really get geared up for YOU.

Who wants to spend more “me” time? We all need more me time! So for once a month over the next 4 months, for two hours join me and spend your Saturday morning ( 9am-11am PST), with your journal, writing, diving into your heart, experimenting, and adventuring with your words? Showing up and taking baby steps into more of your words and expression.

Words are so important, and taking time with yours will take you to another level of living all the you desire!

Thoughts become words become things!

Join us in our sacred virtual space while we can gather in circle on zoom, to write and add color and depth to your writing. So fun.

Register here and join us!
Beyond the Ordinary::
Journaling From the Body to the Page
a rewilding with your words

Join us this Saturday on zoom::
Not your typical journaling class! Once a month for 2 hours give yourself time to
Breathe, write, listen, write, explore your words, create, and enjoy in our magical virtual circle!
Register now for one or all four for the season…

We will write, we will read aloud to share, we will experiment with different styles of writing and journaling, with rambling, poetic verse in different forms, mystical and magical imagery, and deep dives into our own lives. Writing ourselves into being present, showing up, and letting our muse take us to that special place of expression.

Who will join us on this 4-month journey? May – June
Saturday May 13, 9-11 am PST on zoom
then again on
June 10th
July 15th
August 12th
We’re taking more time to really sink into yourself and your words…delicious…new beginnings… you, and me, and us, and our sacred circle of creatives…

Register here and join us!

With Beginner’s Mind, we step into your deeper Wildness with journaling prompts, poetic phrases, oracle pulls, energy shifts, with that beautiful inner breath of inquiry, letting words be your medicine as you sink into your own rhythm of writing,  your ritual of being,  your magic making manifestations…
let’s write together…and become the cultivator, the creator, of your life as you move forward, while you dance with your desires!


Step into your practice, take those baby steps to move your forward, and enjoy!
Thank you my friend, for joining us here in our online gathering space!
See you soon,

and please spread the word to those you know would love my musings!!! eternally grateful for building community…