Hello dear one!

Today my musings are all about words, poetry, emotions, change, beauty… lots of words!
Ideas for you to journal from, use as prompts for your own thoughts on beauty and women and change! Take a few moments, grab a cuppa, sit down, and read and reflect… I love sharing these lifeshorts of mine with you…to inspire and get your writing, reading, and moving!

My theme this week is Transitions, plus a bit of how you are showing up in your world, and poetry, the Beauty of Women!

I’m so glad you are here to share in these words of exploration, expansion, change…

These are two pieces I wrote about transitions, moving forward, celebrating the past, letting go, and stuff! let me know how you move forward, what transitions are taking place in your life, and what you have celebrated!



Transition at the kitchen sink

It happens

My place for cooking, cleaning, gazing out toward the palm trees,

dancing and singing

meditations happen

 downloads loaded up

I shimmy and scoot back and forth from the stove to the fridg

To the sink and pivot around the counter to do a few step touches, spins

Add in wailing to some old R&B

I only then realize my passion for exploration of nourishment

On all the levels of being

Of feeding family and friends

Bringing in new taste sensations

And sometimes the ‘what the hell do I do with this?’

Then most consistently and continually wash the dishes to make room

In my little space of sacred offerings and loving delight of colors and shapes

Then tastes and sustenance

Knowing that not only am I honoring my vegan values of ahimsa-

No animals come butchered to my table

But in sharing the joy of food, the old honored traditions breaking bread together

Of feeding ourselves with curiosity and pleasure

The songs play on, holding space in my memories

As the food is served on luscious platters of deliciousness

To display all the goodness that life has to offer

In feeding the body and the soul.



Riding the bicycle of transitions

Cruising through the neighborhoods of art

With open eyes of curiosity

Filling in the gaps of creation

Allowing for the differences of opinions

Of growth and expansion

Of maintaining the visuals and the visages of the accouterments

Of living a sacred and beautiful vision of life

Pumping the pedals to raise awareness,

To raise the blood pressure,

To know I am alive

And filling myself up with the energy and the breath of riding within the boundaries

To have the allotted space, the solo lane, while desperately wanting to overstep my welcome,

Break tradition

To recreate and rewild with possibilities

To transition to the moon and the stars and back again

While keeping connection with the ground underneath my wheels

Mama Earth, mother Gaia

Spinning over and over, spiraling chaos of change,

I am always moving forward

The earth reaches up to envelope me and my octopussy map of reaching and searching divine feminine tentacles

Out in every direction, not just north or south, or east or west,

But within and without, to the ether, to the heavens, to the hells

Asking for connection with my guides for true direction

As I ride the sky homeward, wicked witch be damned,

Bound with new passionate visions of my own wild grandeur
and then I want to share something I wrote for my dancers, but really all women…
the Beauty of Women

and if you did not see my Lively Conversation on Monday about how we show up and the words we use… go here to see the replay…


ok whew… that’s a lot of stuff for you today!
Please enjoy, take your time, journal it out, and let me know what you think! Love hearing your comments…

Thank you my friend, for joining us here in our online gathering space!
See you soon,

What’s coming up in person for us desert dwellers…
**Tuesday- Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance,
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Luna Body, Luna Soul

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Honoring our feminine divine within and moving your body for joy, connecting with the goddess, and setting new moon intentions for each month. A celebration of YOU!
Sundays April 23, 6-7:30 pm
also May 21st
Lavender Soul Studio in Palm Desert!
74-277 Highway 111, behind the front building, parking on the street…
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Wear delightful loose clothing so you can dance, tie a scarf around your hips, bring your yoga mat, water, your journal, and your smile!