Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers
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Riya Sokol, Artist, Speaker, Singer, Episode #160

Enjoy this conversation!

A lovely conversation with Riya Sokol…. from Poland, today on our Heart and Hustle show, and as multi-passionates, we are all about living full on, living with awe as life unfolds around us.
Tantric life coaching, empowering women, using mantras, life is sacred!…  and applying that sacredness to all of our lives, to all the things… ohmygoddess….
Enjoy our conversation, and please comment about your takeaways, your questions.
Riya asks that you share this conversation with at least one other person, have a chat about all of these things we discussed with someone else, wake each other up, share your light with each other and pass it on!

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Well, what do you think my friend? Did you enjoy our chat?

More about Riya:

Public speaker, artist, author. One of the most recognizable speakers and mentors in Poland in the personal development industry at the moment, known for her actions to inspire conscious living and for her unconventional approach to various areas of life – thanks to which people improve their quality of life in a very significant way.

Known on the Internet, as well as live, from numerous lectures, performances and interviews. The number of people following her is constantly increasing, and she herself is the winner of numerous awards, such as the Polish Business Women Awards, in the category of Charismatic Leader Among Conscious Speakers.

She is also the author many viral videos, thanks to which she gained fame and recognition in the world such as the viral film “Thank you, coronovirus” translated into several dozen languages, awarded at several international festivals such as: SOCIAL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, INDEPENDENT SHORTS AWARDS, AUSTRALIA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL.

Apart from that she is recognizable and valued author of many lyrics, a singer. The huge experience that she gained through painful and difficult events in her life, her unquestionable knowledge of the subconscious, the strength of her personality, charisma and honesty in telling about her life, consolidated her opinion of the undisputed leader among motivational speakers.

Strona główna – English


Here is a youTube video of Riya singing Ho’oponono, a Hawaiian chant for change:


Thanks for being with us today, and sharing in all these great conversations on Heart and Hustle! I am so grateful I get to share these conversations with you… Have a splendid weekend…

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