Roadtrip views, blues, and the mess of possibilities! July 2

I’ve never spent the night in Nebraksa… and here I am, in a hotel in Sydney, Nebraska… 

long days of driving lots of miles these last few days, 

Destinations continuously changing, recalculating

Wonderful friends, great tiki bars

Gorgeous drives, open skies

Divine rock formations

Quiet as wheels turning, 

then tunes rolling in and my voice carrying

Knowing all the words to songs long forgotten

Healing time

Going with the flow

Not taking photos instead to be in the being

Experiencing in the moment instead of behind the camera

Letting my mind remember what it wants

Eating fabulous Thai food, who knew?

2 nights in a row, leftovers hot and spicy and dripping off my plastic spoon

Bright blues skies shifting into dark ominous rainclouds, 

In the distance and then upon us

Hailing, spurting forth droplets, then turbulent downpours

Then shadowy clouds

Sparkling lightning across the huge skies and thunder outside the windows

The expanse of sky here is breathtaking

The red rocks turn to stone formations into rolling green hills

Outstanding in all their glory

As my adventure unfolds and continues

I dive deep into my questions of connection, creativity and change

I pull an oracle card tonight, #18, the Creatrix, that I am

And 18 is my personality card in the tarot, the Moon, perfect

My soul is a divine creative fire, she writes

Breaking from what has been and giving life to something new

I have felt this for a while now, the next phase of my elderhood,

My chameleon life, feeling restless,

Craving for something more, a deeper connection,

A new way of teaching, of giving, of sharing, of creating

To embrace a new life, cleansing out the stagnant stories

Releasing that new energy to be open to receive


Creative self-expression

Always been my way, from early on,

Being a “freak” in school, different

The black sheep, as some would call it,

But yet everyone’s friend

Constantly questing after the new adventures,

Searching, hungry for another taste

So much to live for

And learning people’s stories, fascination

Stories while I grow and write mine


Freedom to let inspiration and intuition take a new shape for satisfaction

I trust in the universe and my own inner timing

As I continue to learn patience for myself on my path

Be comfortable with the mess of possibilities

That mess

I love those possibilities as they are revealed, downloaded, spirit given

To become the phoenix rising, the thunderbird of illumination

To feel the aliveness, the freshness

The abandonment of being able to totally feel and connect

With source, the divine, the sacred rebel of my soul and body

To fly free of restraint

So that I can continue to light up the world


Blessings to you as we head into July… see you on the road, or not! As I will be taking leave for a few weeks, and unplugging, more on my quest, and downtime…

with so much love and gratitude for you,