Power- Up for the Summer,  Women!

Doesn’t summer just feel like freedom? Less clothes, vacation time, family gatherings…how about wild walks in the woods, divine dancing circles, and full moons, warm skin, cool drinks, and fun! Pleasure! 

Does it feel like time to remove the slow-mo vibes and stuckness from the past few months and take action toward your abundance and desires?

Now is the time to power-up! Set those afternoon daydreams, those new years’ aspirations from back a few, into motion! I ask again and again, what are you waiting for? 

  • Are you still on that whirlygig, not sure which place to get off or which direction to turn? 
  • Want some guidance on how to take those steps you’ve been desiring for some time now. 
  • Know you need some support and inspirational tools to help with a clearer vision?

Get ready for that deeper connection to yourself and all that you can become. It’s been too long baby… too long.

Imagine this– You, getting your creative ideas lined up into a magic action plan–your MAP– for yourself. You can see the light for your desires, the money is flowing, you are getting more students, the book is calling your name, work is a happier place, your body is loving the summer reveal, you are feeling healthier and more joy, fun is prevalent, and you are enjoying your dreams coming into fruition. In fact, it is laid out and ready for you to take action!

Power-Up! Because I so love this time of year, and I so want to see you step into your power, your love, your desires, I am offering this Special Summer Sale on a one month coaching package with me, for the month of June,( and we can start right now!) so we can do this together for you…

C.B. writes after working with me:

“Paulette is a sparkly, positive, thinking, passionate woman who lives her life according to her own path – and she wants everyone else to feel the same illumination! She shares tons of small, fun, easy, actionable steps in the coaching sessions. I recommend her warm, inviting, infectious coaching style!”


  1. L. writes in: “…session with Paulette left me feeling inspired and uplifted and not alone!  …  I had anticipated it being good as I trust Paulette who is so inspiring herself with her supportive but kick ass and to the point outlook!  It was just what I needed and came at just the right time. . .I highly recommend to anyone seeking to change their current path or even just tweak the path you’re already on.”


And how would moving into fall feel when you have a new story, you see your dreams manifesting, because you are  a powerful manifestor,  and you are rockin’ you life!

Yes, you can feel it, can’t you?


Schedule deets

I want to get started right away with you, to make those things happen, and this special coaching package pricing is only good until June 1st, so we can schedule for the month. This is four 1-hour zoom calls with me to set you up for your success.

Click here to schedule that time with me now!

Time to power up, be illuminated, and shine your light!

Attention energizes, Intention transforms, and Action makes it happen!

I look forward to working with you…

So much love,

“Paulette is a truly gifted and brilliant coach and teacher. …Paulette gives a wealth of fun and really effective tools and resources that can be used and integrated immediately. She masterfully creates a very safe space within which to journey to one’s authentic self, to fearlessly explore one’s inner landscape, to begin writing a new life story and – very importantly – an opportunity to be seen and heard throughout the process. In every interaction with Paulette, her compassion, generosity, honesty and integrity shines through. She genuinely wants you to succeed and celebrates you along the way! For me, it has been a wonderful, life-affirming experience!”– L. G.

Want to chat first? Want some clarification? Click this link to get put YOU on your calendar with me and let’s talk about what you are desiring! https://paulettecoaching.as.me/schedule.php

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