The Re-Dive

Things I’ve been named over the past 30 + years!


Dancing diva overseer

Tribal hostess

Tribal mama



Smiling assassin

Raging Sage

Massage therapist

Tarot reader

Energy healer

Death Queen

Death rock keyboardist

Missy P

Mama P

Dragon lady

Transformational Life Coach

Troupe Director, Manager

Dance innovator, inspirator, creator

Honky tonk queen

Wine bar owner

Vegan cook

Washboard thumper

Dancewear designer

Movement motivator

Global dancing matrix/madam


Trailer Rally Queen

Cowboy boot collector

Magic Maker


I want to know what names you call yourself, or how others see you! 

Share with me a list of your beloved and action names!

I’ve had lots of fun nicknames and jobs over the years…some more jokingly named than others…I love them all! I look at these and I see full circle. Just as I have, over the years, seen the dance I innovated, (Gypsy ) now called Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® continuing, evolving, and revolving, always coming back full circle. Dancers coming to it, dancers trying other things, and going away, and then coming back. Because the roots are strong and grounded, the philosophy heart-felt and full of integrity, the dance itself suitable for all bodies with enough variations and freedom to be solid and just freakin fun!

As Life should be…

I also see my work and my desires coming back around, gaining a new clarity as I age, doing the healing and connecting work I have always done, in so many forms. I love the re-dive. Coming back full circle to a passion, a calling, a purpose, that has morphed, evolved, but always been there for me. Do you know what I mean? As I have been healing and coaching almost full time now, my love for this work bursts from my center, my heart, my creative source. And it changes… often monthly, even daily, as I continue to grow and expand and study and listen!

My father used to ask me when I would settle down and do one thing. I said never. I had too many desires, so many quests, too much to see in the world, so much to experience. Yet as i studied, traveled, played, worked, all my interests would come together at some point, to make more sense. I was never sure that would happen but I always followed my heart, intuiting my journey from a soul of love and wanting to teach and guide and share this delightful life.

I love being connected to you on all these levels, always supporting you on your journey, teaching and sharing with you some tools and tricks of the trade, business coaching, soul alignment, tribal interventions, stepping stones and giant leaps from your heart to your true life, igniting your flames, bringing you into connection with your own self as well as your global tribe and your creative adventures.

That is what my coaching is all about… Dancing with your Desires, lady friend, getting you unstuck, on your path, opening you up to see your own beauty and possibilities, with concrete groundwork, and adding in the woo–the energy healing of helping you to release your obstacles, tune into your alignment, asking for what you want, and then laying plans, actions, to move forward. It is all tied in together, not one without the other!

And we all need a Re-Dive! Because we are evolving, growing, creatives, who have a curiosity about life, but also how we fit in, next… what changes do we want to make? I often feel like a chameleon, because life is full, and I have tried many things, created many things, and look forward to many more… and you  know what, we all need help and support, and we all want to be accountable for those things we desire.

I work with you using powerful, divinely feminine, intuitive, forms of connection to yourself on a deeper level, healing the energetic and spiritual body, to unblock and release, and combine that with my transformational coaching, journaling, for clarity and action, and then to get your body and YOU re-energized… with Movement, Momentum and everyday Magic!

Movement, Momentum, and Magic

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We need it all! We must move the body as well as the soul and mind, with inspired and creative motivation, and gain momentum to create our everyday magic! Fulfillment, happiness, and wow!

Because this is YOUR TIME!

This is what I do for you, to guide you into your happiest, most joyful, fulfilled self. Let’s break through those walls and release the past, move forward to health, wealth, and prosperity!

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