Happy New Year my friend, 

My work in my dance world, and with my clients, is to teach women how to be creative and connect with themselves and each other, to love themselves and each other, and to actually see themselves and each other. 

Often my coaching clients, who are in mid-career, and want change, come to me because they are afraid to be seen and heard, afraid of rejection, afraid to go after what they truly want, unsure of what to do next, and need support…and they desire to fly their new freak flags. Something different!

This is when I go full force throttle, warrior woman, celebration guide, feminine force, compassionate soul and your coach to help you navigate your path, and to share the joy of being, the joy of living, the joy of being seen, and the joy of going after what you truly desire and not placating or downsizing to appease someone else or to settle for less.

You are important, as you are, and there is always opportunities and possibilities for your expansion, and the world wants your vision and your ideas and your wellness too.

My next mastermind group, Dancing with Your Desires, is what you are about, to Illuminate yourself and your visions, and to Manifest them into your reality! Yes, to take action, to get support, to stand up and show up, and to participate in your life as you desire it to be!

We start Tuesday, January 18th, meeting on Zoom as well as in our private group pages, and work together weekly in our magical feminine circle for 3 months! There is something so powerful and creative and supportive when you work within a circle of women to share visions and soul goals, and action steps, and celebrations, and more… We need this type of community for focus, inspiration and connection and accountability. 

I would love to have you join us if you are ready for this type of action and connection, for yourself and your dreams and desires!  Click here to read more and register…


I also suggest you join my FREE masterclass next week to connect with me, and others, and get a feel for what it is like to work with me!

Wednesday, January 12th at 1:00 on Zoom

Click here to get pre-registered and have your journals ready!


So tell me beautiful one, what are you wanting now, 

at this stage in your life, 

your career, your art, your body?

What are you wanting to change?

And what do you need help with? Join me and our circle of creative women and let’s do this thing!

Because, Creative Soul…. You want more focus, clarity, self-care support, making priorities, diving into your desires, and accountability for taking action steps to get there…

Join up with our upcoming mastermind and free masterclass and let’s get started now! It’s the perfect time of year to make some changes!

If you are ready for this type of action and connection, for yourself and your dreams and desires,  Click here to read more and register…

Whether you decide to work with me or not,  I really just want you to take action, now! I want to see you shine your light and create that change, design your life and curate it as you desire it to be…

Many blessings on your journey!

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