There is no standard in my world. I don’t play by the “rules”. I have created my own. I have written my own book. I am my own sacred rebel. 

But there still is some sort of rebelliousness that works, if you stand in your own divinity, lady. And being that hard-ass does not always work, right? Have you experienced that? 

But there are people out there that have your back, and want to see you succeed and live your life on your own terms. And the thing is, you are NOT alone… nor do you have to be. 

A lesson I learned well into my own entrepreneurship. I did write my own book, and I see so many women trying to do it too. And that is not the way to create that beautiful connection between creativity, entrepreneurship, artistic expression, community. Remember, we are all in this together. 

I have spent my entire adulthood teaching, sharing, supporting others, having created something that is so good for the world. But some of those women I have worked with, have fought to want to stand on their own, and separating themselves from the good that has fed them.  Painful for all parties.

And you don’t have to do that. You see, there is no weakness is asking for help, for wanting support and guidance, for following in another’s path. I learned that later on in my career, and am so thankful I finally did. Sacred rebel that I am. 

You can still  stand in your own shoes, your own creativity, your own power, and shine your light and prosper and expand into the life that you desire. One that brings you abundance and joy. There is no weakness in connecting and asking questions, and wanting someone to have your back. 

You have questions, uncertainty, overwhelmed in this time of your life. As you have gotten older, things have changed, you have changed, your values have changed, and mostly your desire for a different way of living has changed. You may not be sure, now, of what is next, of your new purpose, of how to move forward, of loving your older body, of connecting deeper with your intuitive wisdom and spirit. 

That is where I come in, as your coach and guide and experienced mentor! That is what we face and talk about, and journal about, and dive deep, and step into our dreams and new desires in my newest women’s circle, starting next week! Our ways of living, our desires for ourselves and our day-to-day as well as our future have changed from where it was before. 

And working together in community of women, in a sacred and safe circle, even virtually, can be so powerful, so loving, so inspiring, and so freakin fun, as we grow and evolve and expand into more of who we are now, rewriting and rewiring so that we can live with more joy, more abundance, more clarity and our own intuitive guidance, our DGS ( Divine Guidance System!).

I invite you to join me, and us, for this 3 month women’s circle, a mastermind of wisdom and experience and inspiration…

Illumination, with Connection, Clarity, and Action
starting Tuesday, September 19th!

Our gorgeous virtual circle, with 3 months of weekly connection, and ideas to kick start you into more of you, with self-care and deep dives and provoking ideas to get your moving and grooving and taking action to manifest your new desires! 

Join us now, check out my lovely financial offerings, with a sliding scale so you can actually afford to create the changes and bring in your own abundance on all levels, spiritually, emotionally, and physically! 

So, you don’t have to do it alone, or do it the hard way, because I’m here for you. But you can do it the way you want and we can make that work for you! 

Here you go, let me know if I can answer any of your questions, 

Click below to join us!


 Now is the time, don’t wait on your dreams, my friend, if not now, when? It’s time to shine your light! Illuminate yourself and show up…

blessings and light to you…

You ready to take the plunge? Here is the link to read more and get registered…

Any qs? Feel free to hit the reply button. 

And if you want some more writing and journaling time in your month, you can join my once a month
From the Body to the Page
writing group!
Beyond the Ordinary:: Writing from the Body to the Page
we continue the rewilding with our words
New Fall 2023 Dates
Sept. 16, Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Dec. 16th, 2023, 9:30 am – 11:30 am PST, 12:30-2:30 PM EST, on Zoom
We write, we read aloud to share, we experiment with different styles of writing and journaling, with evocative prompts, some rambling, experimenting with poetic verse in different forms, mystical and magical imagery, and deep dives into our own lives. Writing ourselves into being present, showing up, and letting our muse take us to that special place of expression.
Who will join us on this journey this September-December?
Saturdays, 9:30am-11 am PST on zoom
Different themes each month… September is all about Cultivating…
With writing time to really sink into yourself and your words…delicious…new beginnings… you, and me, and us, and our sacred circle of creatives…
keeping Beginner’s Mind, we step into your deeper Wildness with journaling prompts, poetic phrases, oracle pulls, envisioning and mediations, energy shifts, and using that beautiful inner breath of inquiry.
We let words be your medicine as you sink into your own rhythm of writing, your ritual of being, your magic-making manifestations…
Let’s write together…and become the cultivator, the creator, of your life as you move forward, while you write and dance with your desires!
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