Hellooooo and Happy Friday!

My beautiful writers, journalers, dabblers, poets, and ones with all the chaos and ideas running around in your brain… THIS is the class for you…
This is more of a write your heart out type of class, a feel your body class, an exploration class. A get clarity, and feel the relief as well as the inspiration when you get the words out of your body and onto the page!

In this 6 week class, we share a small, sacred, and safe place to write and share. It is a magical experience!

I will use some simple meditations and some guided visualizations to anchor you in your body, some movement to get your flow going and add momentum, and some fun sensory prompts to get your words flowing. This creates the magic for your words to release from your body!

Then we will add in some personal journeys for manifesting your desires. Experience the freedom of expression when you can really just let your ideas and words flow, the release of the chaos in your brain, to that full deep breath of awareness and joy. When you develop your journaling practice. Think of this as a coaching experience with me as we do dive into desires and values and visions and dreams!


You do need to pre-register for this six-week class. Set this time aside for YOU, for yourself, with time to explore your words and desires and deepen your practice of journaling and daily self-care.

If you are wanting to start, or restart your writing practice, explore and release some words and ideas, feel your juiciness and let your words flow, while we also share and listen in our magical circle, this is the class for you!

go here to register now for the class!

AND**** a special gift for you today, here is a free recording of my journaling class, so you can get a flavor and step into your practice and h
ow it feels to release those words from your body!
Here is  your Audio in Dropbox

Have a blessed weekend! And let me know how you do with the class, or if you have any questions…


You may choose to continue with our group and build up your journaling muscle, surround yourself with other creatives, and give yourself special time for that introspection!

Tuesdays at 3:00pm PST ongoing!

Sign up Here


DEADLINE is Saturday the 17th to register…
And my NEW class that starts NEXT Tuesday, 9 am PST, Sept  15th, that will run for 6 weeks (perhaps this one will turn into another ongoing class for those interested)

Here is the link for the 9 am class… Click here to ENROLL…
Can’t wait to connect with you and lead you into some new creative zones for you!

This is the time and place for you to gather in a divine community, which is so powerful and supportive, get some momentum, be inspired, and enjoy the process!