Hello friends,

While I am planning for my in person Fall classes…dance/yoga/women’s wisdom/journaling, I am also preparing for new clients in September, and my new weekly online journaling classes, as well as my weekly one-on-one clients, and my powerful Soulful Mastermind that I’ve been leading for 1 1/2 years, with women who are crushing it in their businesses, their lives, and their creative flow…

Today I’m writing to you from Wyoming, ohhhh these glorious days traveling on the road in our trailer, seeing lots of new things which is always delightful!

The glorious Teton Mountains, Jackson, open sky, lots of horses, camping and hanging out with our friends, morning walks in the quiet, this is what feeds my soul, ignites my passion, inspires my work! Taking time to connect with myself, and then back with you. New visions, new inspirations, and renewal.

How often do you let yourself be first? Or last? How often are you not taking time for pampering, for deep soul diving, for rest, for renewal, for soul, body, and brain? This is first and foremost, the most important thing one can do for oneself. I find I can present myself, my work, my movement-being dance and yoga, my creative flow with more clarity, strength, vision, and momentum, so that I can create my everyday magic and I can then, turn around and present it to you, as your coach and mentor and teacher. When I take the time to vision quest, to explore, to hand out and have lots of laughs. And this is also powerful for my own creativity, so I can live the life I desire and deserve, and connect with spirit/god/me, and let my own creative juices flow fresh and true. And find out what is true for me today. Because my desires shift and change, and that is a good thing!

Sounds great right?! How about you? Are you ready to step up further into your greatness, the lifestyle you desire, and do the work that speaks to your heart and soul, body and mind? Now is the time to plan and prepare for what YOU are wanting… coming into September is the time to fine-tune and take action- bold or simple, but action in some way, to move your needle forward. With intention and purpose and desire. Is this the time now to hire someone to help you? Because I am here for you, my friend.

In the next week or so, I will also have my new website up and running, with all the info for registering and booking time with me! So excited to be sharing this other type of business adventure with you…



I am opening up only four slots in September for new clients, online, plus a new virtual Illumination Mastermind, which is group coaching for creatives! All this info is coming to you next week!

As well as my in person classes around Palm Springs… So if you are in the desert and can come in person, fantastic! Get registered now, see below…

And if you are anywhere around the globe, I’ve got you! Virtual connection is so powerful and possible these days, I love it! The opportunity to work with you from a distance blows my mind and I love being open to all of our possibilities… To be a possibilitarian is so fresh and exciting!


And please share this with your friends who would be interested in joining my email community and watching and reading about our gatherings and more… thank you for spreading the love!


Paulette Rees-Denis’s Fall  2021 Teaching Schedule 

In-Person Classes in Palm Springs…



At the Mizell Center and the Fitness Edge!

(Descriptions down below)



Starting Tuesdays, September 7th, at Mizell Center, https://mizell.org/

10 am  — Yoga Flow

11 am — Tribal Bellydance


Starting Mondays, September 13th, at the Fitness Edge,

Register here: http://thefitnessedgeps.com/

9 am — Yoga Flow

10 am- Tribal Bellydance


Starting Wednesdays, September 29th, At Mizell Center, 4-5pm

Women’s Wisdom on Wednesdays

Facilitators: Paulette Rees-Denis and Robin Denise Johnson

Creating community, let’s celebrate the Divine Feminine!

Paulette and Robin come together as dancers, teachers and coaches to explore women’s wisdom with you! These weekly classes are open to anyone who identifies as a woman – anyone who wants to explore women’s ways of being.

Starting Thursdays, September 30th At the Mizell Center

4 pm- From the Body to the Page: A ongoing journaling workshop 

5 pm — Tribal Bellydance Fitness


About the Classes:

Yoga Flow with Paulette Rees-Denis

As a movement motivator, Paulette puts a unique twist on yoga and movement in the hour-long weekly class. She combines yoga, with strength training, some cardio, mindfulness, breathwork, and even dance for a good workout that will leave you inspired and feeling great! All levels welcome…


Tribal Bellydance for Fitness, Fun, and Feeling Great!

Global Caravan is coming to our desert!

Physically rewarding, you build strength and stamina with these intoxicating moves that are so good for you and your body…this is a beginning level group style dance class! Join us weekly for a fun hour of moves and grooves with great tunes, some laughs, and a reconnection with yourself and your body! All are welcome… we dance barefoot, and it is fun to tie a scarf around your hips! Flowing skirts are a sweet addition if you desire!


From the Body to the Page–A ongoing journaling workshop ( also coming online)

This is a weekly, ongoing class for digging into your desires, and allowing your creative juices to flow, showing up in your life and getting things done the way you want them to be. We’ll write together, ask questions to your inner guidance, and create a daily writing/journaling habit for renewal, clarity, and inspiration!

Bring your journals and favorite writing utensils for some writing time to help release some ideas, poems, stories, from your body and your head and onto the page.

  • Find your words for clarity, empowerment, beauty and your unique creative spirit.
  • Get some tools for creating a journaling habit that will awaken your creative juices
  • Learn a magic morning ritual practice and why a daily practice is beneficial and inspiring
  • Making a Magic Action Plan, how to M.A.P. out your day, and get down to the WHY of what you want to do…

No experience necessary, all levels of writing welcome. You will surprise yourself with what flows through you as we write, listen, and share together!  This will help you feel a sense of clarity not only in your brain, but in your body…


Women’s Wisdom on Wednesdays

With Paulette Rees Denis and Robin Denise Johnson

Paulette and Robin come together as dancers, teachers and coaches to explore women’s wisdom with you! These weekly classes are open to anyone who identifies as a woman – anyone who wants to explore women’s ways of being.

Creating community, let’s celebrate the Divine Feminine!

We will examine a range of topics such as

  • Creativity and your Creative Zone of Genius
  • Mindful Movement
  • Journaling
  • Living your Values
  • Power and Pleasure
  • Self-Trust
  • Transformational Listening
  • Leadership
  • Connections and Community
  • Women’s Wisdom
  • Desires and Dreams
  • Archetypes
  • Creating everyday magic

Bring your journals, water, and wear comfortable clothes for movement!


About Paulette Rees-Denis:

Movement, Momentum, and Magic – is what Paulette brings into her practice as a Transformational Lifestyle and Business Coach for Creatives, and a dance and writing instructor, helping her students and clients to get clarity, move their bodies, and take action on their desires. Paulette is an inspirational speaker, a global dance innovator, a movement motivator, a passion instigator, an author/poet, and is mostly known as a leader of feminine celebration.

Paulette has taught Yoga Stylings, Dance, and Writing/Journaling around the globe for over 30 years. She has taught and performed at hundreds of festivals, inspiring creatives to live to their fullest and step into their creativity. (Check out her book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Belly Dance! —on Amazon

In her fourth book, From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance, Find Fulfillment and Prosperity with Your Art, Paulette takes you on a journey to make changes for your creative lifestyle and business dreams. She gives you the tools to rewrite your story and step up into your creative zone of genius.

Hosting her own video podcasts for four years, Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, she interviews small business entrepreneurs and creatives who are making change in the world. She has been featured on several podcasts and summits, such as Tactical Magic, Women Seeking Wholeness, the Life is Art Summit, and listed as a Top 12 Spirited Women. She has also been featured in many international magazines (and on the covers of many), including Business Heroine, Shimmy, and Bellydance Oasis.

She loves gathering in community to guide others into their own awesomeness, whether in person or online, and runs Illumination retreats and Masterminds, besides her one on one coaching practice. She has been producing Facebook Lives almost weekly for 3+ years also, with coaching, often poetry, and inspirational and lively conversation as her theme. With her Master’s Degree in Publishing and Writing, she has authored 3 other books through her publishing company, Cultivator Media Group.

When she is not on the road, she writes, teaches dance and yoga, plays her guitar and a mean washboard, cooks vegan deliciousness, goes vintage trailer glamping, runs, hikes and bikes from her home in Palm Springs, California.