Happy Solstice, beautiful soul!

Hope your week has been going splendidly,

I so love hearing your words, your dreams, your desires, and being able in my classes, to give you inspiration and tools just lights me up. And when I see you taking action and moving forward, creating your change, well, dang, my heart just splits open for you. And we are going to rock this next year, I can just feel it… so many things have shifted, times have changed how we approach work and play and pleasure and desires. 

It is a new day, it is ready for a new you, and I want you to show up, stand up, shout it out, and honor your precious dreams by taking action, now, finally, this is your time, my friend. With not just inner dreams, but with wisdom, and action. That’s why we make a MAP, a Magic Action Plan… to add accountability and action, and excitement to those “to do” items, or the steps to move forward, with gorgeous intention, knowing your why, and how, and when….

And remember, 

Your Desires Are Sacred!


They are real. They are yours. And they are meant for you to have come into being, into fruition. Your abundance.

And you are here to live the lifestyle you desire, to have the life, the abundance, the freedom you want. You get to curate it, meaning you get to create it, organize it, and design it, the way you want, with your beautiful feminine energy. 

This upcoming masterclass and women’s circle I’m hosting is about all of that, to guide you into clarifying what you truly want, what is next for you, to help you reconnect with yourself, your body, your heart and soul! To honor all that you have done this past year, and all that you want to bring into your life in the new year…

I’m so looking forward to running this masterclass, Dancing with Your Desires, next week, about honoring ourselves and our dreams, our past, present, and future!

It’s my women’s gathering circle again, as we age and evolve, our desires shift, change, expand…

We want to feel it in our body, to embody all that we are, to move with passion and excitement…

And most importantly, I want to hold you accountable and help you take action! Support and encouragement all the way. So you can fly that freak flag, and do it your way…

To dance with your desires.

Meaning: to embody them, body, heart, and soul. To live with your values, to move forward with intention, passion, and desire. To live lit up every day, and ask for what you want. Take action and manifest them. Movement, Momentum, and Magic, to create your everyday magic.  

Do I hear a Hell yeah? Let’s dance!

Are you ready? Register now for this one day women’s masterclass!! I can’t wait to step into the new year with you!

Let’s do this together in circle, enjoy and share and clarify and illuminate all that you are and all that you desire!


Join me, in person in Palm Desert

Tuesday, December 27th, 5:45 pm- 7:15 pm

At Lavender Soul Studio

74-277 Highway 111

Please pre-register, space is very limited to 10 women in the studio…



Virtually on Zoom…

Wednesday, December 28th, 3:00-4:30 PM PST


Thursday, December 29th, 9:00-10:30 am PST

and once you register you will get sent your private zoom link if you are joining us virtually…

Dancing with Your Desires, a women’s gathering and Masterclass, using Movement, envisioning, journaling and learning to make  MAP- a Magic Action Plan for the new year!

Register here!


have a blessed week, a sacred solstice, happy holidays, no matter how your celebrate, and I’ll see you next week! Say YES to you, your desires and make your magic!