Happy Magic Monday, my friend!

Today I am sharing two totally different life shorts I wrote this past week. I am on a writing binge, still on my road trip, spending time with my journal daily, my sanctity, my saving grace, my daily companion…

Where I am this week I watch the geese fly daily overhead, always beautiful in formation, always awesome to watch, and reminding me of some of my dance formation inspirations from past years…

Dancers in the Sky

The geese fly in formation

Inverting, changing leads, 

Orbiting around each other

Reshaping back into assemblance

The language, they zaghareet out loud

As if to give direction on the course

Trusting, in tune, aligned

With the family

Held together by an invisible strand

Often a straggler drifts off, to the side

Or behind, flying solo to test her wings

Her fortitude

Her vision


The others don’t  leave her

Supporting, encouraging, from a distance

 For her to shape her strength, spread her wings

Into creative flight

Always welcomed back in

As she dips and weaves

Returning into the flying formation

Of collaborative flight
and another one I wrote while caretaking for my mother,

The Unselfish Hand

Giving over my time

Sometimes so impatiently

Stopping in my creative tracks

Reminding myself to return to love

The unselfish hand needs to take over


Hard visions to watch

The clock ticks, slowing down

Bent over, undulating with the time left

Shuffling slowly, tick, tock

The unselfish hand stoops to support


The once vibrant and colorful bloom

Starts to shrink and wither as it dries

In the bouquet of likely candidates

For being displayed together

In different phases of bloom

The unselfish hand holds the bouquet together


As the petals fall

One by one…

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