TODAY is the last day of the early bird pricing for you, for this year’s annual Gathering, our virtual Global Caravan’s weekend of delights!
Strong Roots, with Great Connections too…
13 plus workshops for you to download and keep forever… daily chats, welcoming blessings and rituals to keep our space sacred , and honor our selves and our dance together!
How awesome… so today is still $97.00 for the whole She-bang! then it goes up to $127 ( still a fabulous price 🙂 )
check it out dancers!

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For you this year, we’ve got:
  1. Sherry
Basic Orbits and Moroccan Box
Great changing leads and follows and fabulous formations with our dance partners and groups!
2. Christine
Sword Simplicity
Global Caravan in sword dialect
Some of our GC combos with a twist of blade!
Breakdown and drilling as singles, with a partner, and in group.
3. Nina
Sahara Styling
Drawing on GC inspired steps from Morocco, Tunisia and the Magreb this is an exciting and fun workshop! We will add fans and/or baskets for added flair
4. Deirdre
Shawl Love
Join Deirdre with your Spanish shawl to swirl, drape, swish this beautiful prop in some stylized moves and combos – styling our GC moves and adding some variations – solo and partner fun
5. Allie
Unleashing our Feminine side through slow movement.
Do you have trouble slowing down? What about that breath? Do you hold it or allow the breath to move through your movement?
I will guide you through several different breathing practices and techniques that I have found to be very effective. When we hold our breath we are sending a signal throughout our body of holding tension!
Let’s use several breath techniques as we go through our most basic foundational slow moves that really bring out our soft Feminine side.
6. Sienna
Drawing on sacred Geometry and all of the feelings evoked from that. Dancers in a shape of forward facing Triangle (inverted V or Chevron) and transitioning to downward-facing Triangle shape. Transitioning between these two shapes. Adding in cascades.
The triangle often used in Alchemy to represent the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Also having 3 points and the number 3 is often considered sacred with many different trinities,
Mind, Body and Spirit;
Mother, Maiden and Crone;
Past, Present and Future.
Such a joy dancing in a triangle (also called Chevron) and in this shape the cascade is visually beautiful.
7. Richelle
Dancing with the moon
Incorporating a frame drum, adding GC moves and let’s dance with La Luna’s energetic glory, in all her phases as we embrace her illuminated pull and connect to her power with balance and grace.
I am drawn to the Moon…she always invites me to Dance.
Some Tribal Grooves workouts for you!
8. Paulette
Goddess Styling and Movement
Adding a divinely feminine session with mudras and poses for adding confidence, strengthening, and flexibility!
Adding in  journaling questions to gain clarity about you and your dance, and to empower you in your dance, your body, and your life!
9. Cinzia
Dance with the 5 elements:
the 5 elements speak through your body, let’s discover their language and get in tune with them
10. Misha
Level Up Drills with Misha!
Level up your dance technique and refine your GC movement, with a fast and furiously fun drill class with Misha! We will kick things off with a daily practice that will help set you up for dance success by building strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the body, including working through a variety of movements that are “building blocks” for our beloved GC vocabulary. And then Drill Sergeant Misha, who is known for her ability to focus in on the details of our dance to help hone technique, will take you through a series of nonstop dance drills featuring GC movements, building from basic to more complex. Get ready for a wild ride of dancing fun that will help you practice and improve your moves as you have a blast!
11. Angie
Yoga Dance Flow
beautiful movement to add strengthening and stretching to aid in your dance and body!
12. Akasha
Tribal Prayer
To bring  grounding, focus, and sacredness to your dance
Short Snippets of refinement and review for you!
13. Amanda and Jamie
Opening and Closing Ceremony for our sacred dance and our global circle!
Some skirt work for you!
AND 3 days of chats across the globe, with
Nina and Richelle plus, in Australia and New Zealand
Dierdre plus in the UK
Paulette plus in the USA
plus our private FB group page for even more connection and participation!
Hope to dance with you soon!