If we keep ourselves moving forward with curiosity, we will continue to discover so much more about ourselves, as we are constantly revolving and evolving!

And one major way I keep learning about myself is with my consistent practice of journaling, almost daily. With that practice, I empty out the crap swimming in my brain, the old ideas I don’t want anymore, any frustrations, and that makes new space. Just like when you clean out your closet, you make room for new clothes, I make room for new ideas and projects, stories, and my life shorts ( my poems!). 

It takes all kinds of practice too, not just dumping, but different ways of creating. I love using prompts to get my words flowing. Bits of poetry, ideas about sensations, writing little vignettes of stories or working on projects also. I’ve been doing that for years and years… consistently.

That’s why my words flow easily, my thoughts are clear, because I visit myself every day. I show up for myself, and participate fully. I stay connected with my spirit, with my body, my brain and put it on the page. That way I can see it, and feel it. I get the download! Editing can come later after I let the flow happen… going downstream…

And you know what? I freaking love it. It makes me feel so good, it helps me be clear, daily, so I know what I’m doing, what I can plan for, how my calendar is going to work for the day, the week, the month. All the things…

And that’s what I bring to you in my From the Body to the Page class! It’s all about YOU! Getting into your groove, finding a new way of expression, doing some exploration, getting silly with yourself and your words, even doing some deep diving… all with my prompts for the day. And the next best part is the reading and sharing with our private group. Yes, this is online, on Zoom, every Tuesday, 3:00 PST ( and yes it is recorded if you miss a day!)

This class has been going strong now for several months, with new people coming in weekly. I want YOU to experience this. If you have a hankering to try some journaling – are you afraid of your words? Or don’t think you can write? Or maybe you need some accountability to get back into your writing practice? Want to try a different way?


Then I invite you to join us tomorrow. If you are new to this, and are curious, then reply back to me I want to gift you the first class FREE! I want you to experience the joy of writing, in our circle of creative women!

Just reply back here, or private message me on FB! (https://www.facebook.com/paulettecoach)

And join our lively group of women journalers, and get your words flowing too!

See you soon,


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