A little poetic rambling from me to you on my 65th birthday!

65 years of living and loving all of it…
thank you for being a part of it…
I am stepping deeper into my values and actions of love and compassion for this next year…for myself, my work, my continuing studies, my dance and body wellness, my passions!

The sky cracks open

With thunderous drumming

To awaken the soul, even the fearful

To continue the journey

But the beauty is astounding

Makes me feel the connection more deeply

But also the sadness of the others

Who have no soul, no empathy, no compassion

Bound up by privilege and habit 

the unloving ways of this world

So unwild, so tame, to set in old ways of nonsense

Can we create a new now?

Where all pay attention and participate and 

Step into their own skins

And soul values

Because listening deep becomes

One’s truth with beautiful conscious awareness of what can be now

Not how it was

Not games of magnitude and torture

But connection with healing oneself, first

Then spreading that love with creativity and compassion from the chaos

And love, desire, and joy

With tenderness and fierceness

As the mama lion

The night ends and the day begins

The heart and soul open up

And the mystery unfolds.

You, my friend, have a fabulous week ahead. Make it intentional, meaningful and magical! Celebrate yourself too…
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