Heart and Hustle turns the tables!
Heart and Hustle, a special edition! Hear from me, the creatrix of Global Caravan, this Heart and Hustle podcast, 4 x book author, lifestyle coach global teacher and speaker,
and mostly a catalyst for feminine celebration!
Our Master Teacher, Deirdre Macdonald takes over the questions to interview me for this edition!
The Gathering is our main topic of conversation… what is happening SOON and more nuggets of wisdom dropping about dance, ritual, community… it’s coming up and we are all filming and collaborating and scheduling and gathering all of our community to join in, Nov. 9-13th, 2022!!!
Very exciting!!
My friend, enjoy our conversation, let me know what you think, comments and questions!!!
We share a chat about our upcoming 5-day virtual event, the Gathering, and all the things about dance and ritual and more…
Have a listen and let me know your comments and questions…

Register for the Gathering here!

See you soon, lovey… and many blessings… big thanks to Deirdre for taking the reins on this interview!