Another fabulous testimonial from a client! This makes my work so worth it, when I can really help guide, and push a bit!, women to step into their dreams and their fullest potential… 

mixing practical tools with epic self-care and a bit of woo, plus accountability and loving support… 

that’s what it takes for you to move forward, to take that first step is often the hardest.


“Paulette is a powerhouse of creative inspiration. Her upbeat and positive approach to business and lifestyle skill-building is inspiring, well structured, and approachable. Paulette works with you to drill down to the root of what you’re really wanting to achieve and helps you to build skills to make your goals become a reality.”

Jody Beckwith Jones

As a mulit-passionate woman, if you, or anyone you know, are struggling with that  dreaded feeling of overwhelm, but not wanting to give up on your dreams,  then let’s talk to see what is next for you. 

I am offering a free call with me to see how I can help and if coaching with me is going to take you to that dream!

I have five more spots available (I love that many of you booked a call with me last week and look forward to working with you!)

Please drop me a message, or book right in here!

FREE From Chaos to Creativity Discovery Session

Let’s get us on the calendar together, so I can help you start moving forward into clarity and action for your own creative desire. 

Because you are tired of the uncertainty, and the what if’s, and the what do I do next, head games.

Life is too short to spend it in that crazy chaos of frustration and that feeling of lack or settling for less than you are worth, Because you are worth it, damn it!

 I’d be honored to support you, or someone you care about. Let me know if I can be of service to you or your friend.

Here is the link to get registered with a call with me, I am excited to meet you and see how I can be of service. Click here to schedule me with you!

With best wishes for your dreams, they do come true!

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