Creatives Rebels, Mid-career women on the verge of becoming and changing and moving forward this year!
15 driven women who are looking to take a deep dive into their
for our upcoming circle and mastermind!
Women who are ready to write their own rules and decide how their lives and businesses will work for them.
Women who are ready to upgrade their lives and their personal brands to call in more abundance, and full alliance into their divine feminine.
Women who are ready to work directly with me and our inspired circle to build the path to success and joy in their lives.
Women who know what they want to do, but desire the support, accountability, and inspiration to make it happen.
You crave a community of badass, hard-working, highly motivated, spiritually driven, self-care seekers, creative and juicy women to surround and uplift you into your divine abundance.
You want to lean more deeply into your own thoughts and ambitions and desires.
You desire a group of women who get it, who want more for themselves and know they can have it.
You know how important it is to be in the energy of people who desire to elevate themselves, to surround yourself with like-minded women.
You are ripe for transformation.You are on the edge of change. You know it is your time.
You want to fly your freak flag and do it your way!
Sometimes your light needs some help to shine brighter and fuller. Have you felt that? Like someone hit the dimmer switch on you? Like you can’t quite see what’s in front of you, which path to take, which switch to pump up?
How would you like to change that? Emotionally, financially, physically, mentally? All of that… Get started with a clearer vision, with momentum to step into what you’ve been wanting, desiring to let go of those old stories, to change up those words and rewrite your story, to redefine your sexy powerful feminine self? To dance with your desires! And do this with a circle of other women, moving into their power, elevating themselves and their desires and actually get them happening? Woohoo…
Join Illumination: my once yearly Women’s circle and Mastermind so you can breakthrough to your abundance and desires!

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my once yearly Women’s circle and Mastermind

so you can breakthrough to your abundance and desires!

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