Become a magnet for your dreams!

Yes, you can draw them to you, attract your desires. 

What are you wanting now for now, as we start to move toward fall ( or spring) this year? What changes do you want to make? What lifestyle do you want to step into? What is your body aching to do?

This is your time to ask for what you are wanting, and to take the steps to get there, through support, self-education, expanding knowledge and tools, and your own intuitive divine wisdom.

Now is the time to step into your possibilities, and all the opportunities open for you…when you open yourself up to all you desire, all that you can be, life gives you awesomeness, abundance, beauty, connection, and more… when you ask for what you desire, when you dance with those desires, when you step into your light, everything begins to unfold for you


You do become a magnet for those dreams.

Have you felt that before?It is stepping into those desires with clarity, belief and action!  Knowing not only how to take action, but why, YOUR why… that helps you gain the momentum and turns it into magic! For you, to live lit up everyday, to be Illuminated! to open your heart, your body, your spirit, to connect with yourself, and with other like-minded people who are questing like you. Building community for support, knowledge, encouragement… a magical circle of beauty, grace, and divine energy…


That’s what I help you create, that is the space I hold for you, in this creative women’s circle, this upcoming mastermind gathering.

Yes, you, please open yourself up to receive the gifts waiting for you, for the you you are ready to become. No matter which path you move forward with, I want you to shine your light. Attract what you want to you, don’t be afraid to ask, get down and dirty with the details of those desires, my friend. Bust a move, say a prayer, take action.

If you want connection and community, support and tools, join me in our upcoming 3 month women’s circle. I would love to support you, help lift you up, as you step into your clarity, abundance, wealthy, creativity, and way more pleasure and joy!

Illumination: Connection, Clarity and Action!

A Women’s Circle and  the Mastermind

With Paulette Rees-Denis

Starting next Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 for 3 months!

Over our 3 months we will:

  • Start with Self-love and self-care of the utmost…
  • Step into our spiritual connection, a re-awakening, with our DGS, Divine Guidance System
  • Gain clarity and envision those dreams, goals, and desires
  • Learn how to change your state 
  • Release the old patterns, limiting beliefs
  • Make a “not-to-do-list”! 
  • Discover your superpower
  • Learn your story and tell it!
  • Rewrite your new story
  • Going deep into your why
  • Dive into your money story- review, and redefine what is wealth
  • Schedule and stay connected with your MAP- Magic Action Plan– daily, weekly, monthly
  • Get accountability and support with me and each other
  • Make beautiful connections with the other women
  • Always with Honoring Ourselves, our Successes, and Celebrate!

Moving forward with magical and clear intention, you can feel the shift in your whole being. You want to see your business succeed, your book published, your new career path to success, a change in your relationship, a move to a new location, a new way of living, what is calling you finally to make your move!

Step into your feminine power, your leadership rolefor your life, let go of what’s been holding you back, and start to live with the passion and glory and sexiness that you’ve been waiting for.

I am here for you, I believe in you. And I am holding the space in our circle for you to envision it all. Plus make it happen. Yes, I can kick some booty too… while I hold your hand, because you are so freakin’ ready for this that you will take the steps to make YOU happen. Or you wouldn’t be here… am I right?

Deadline to join us is this Sunday, September 17th… so go here to sign up!