Happy Glorious Monday to you, my friend!

Today I am honoring the beauty of all women!

I was asked to speak at the Palm Springs Women’s Club luncheon today and share some inspired actions I have taken over the years… such an honor. And who knew years ago, that today I would belong to a group of Palm Springs ladies, and do luncheons, with some of whom have made enormous contributions to the valley here, and art and goings-on around the desert, philanthropists, movers, and shakers, and all have such great stories to tell…

The beauty of women!

All women, all ages, all sizes, all ethnicities, all women

We come together to move, to share, to dance, to connect

I have traveled the world for 30 years teaching dance, tribal bellydance, and movement,

But not just dance

The dance, the movement, is the artistic medium, the way, in and through the body, the way to create

And find our own inner and outer beauty

Our own creative freedom

I have taught journaling, and written books to share

To find their voice and speak out loud

for the expression of the word, the soul, the brain as well as the body, 

for them to find their choice of passion, 

for the joy of sharing, 

Of finding their purpose in life,

of connecting, in women’s groups, of being seen and being heard,

Women have transformed because of this dance, sharing with each other, instead of competition, but inclusion, lifting each other up

On their own private paths, to wellness, wholeness, self-love and acceptance

And opening not only their bodies, but their heart and souls to the possibilities of their 

Visions for their fulfillment,

Some have started their own businesses, 

some have stepped deeper into their creative mode of genius,

some have stood still to love and be loved

For satisfaction and the joy of living

For falling in love with themselves again, or for the first time.

What I’m talking about is the celebration of that reunion with the self, and with each other, women, honor your connections and your own personal joy!


and then I shared a poem from my poetry book, Breaking Down the Walls…

The Sacred Temple

Of my soul

Housing the beauty

Engaging the opening, enraging the fire

Spreading wide

Fully, to reach the wholeness

Of feeling,

Bliss, elation

Spreading the story of grace

Graceful being

Graceful movement

Graceful longing

Graceful beauty

The devadasi within dances on the flames

Feeling the wildness

Ecstatic union with myself


Finding the ripeness

Lusciousness of the rainstorm

As it feeds the soil

I feel it seeping into my pores

Awakening that sleeping queen turning nymph

In the garden of delight

Running wild and rampant

Retreating in and stirring those embers

The beauty

Oozes its juiciness nonstop

Eyes rolling with the continuous

Birthing of vision

Eye candy, gorgeousness

Rampant, exquisite orgasmic life

Unleashing the wild and

Sacred temple

(book available through Amazon, here)

So today, my loves, honor your self, your temple, your creative spirit, and uplift all those around you!…

Thanks for being here, and have a great week…

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