Hey my friend,

It has been a clusterf&*k last couple of weeks for me, so many good things when I take the time to reflect, but then a shitstorm of financial stress, pet trauma and more bills, and my mom going to the hospital with a broken back and then contracting covid, wondering if I should stay or go, taking care of the unexpected bills, taxes, working on exciting projects, celebrating up a super fabulous mastermind of my women clients who finished up rocking their world after the last 3 months (and more), a weekly  journaling class that blows my mind every week as I teach it (with an Anthology coming out soon), and more… and many women I’ve talked to have said the same thing… planets aligned where??? Overwhelm mixed with goodness… chaos mixed with creativity. Has this affected you too?

This is LIFE! As we know it, as we create it, as we choose what we are wanting, and how to move forward with choices, decisions, opportunities… it is up to you.

Some of you, along with me, are multi-passionate women, who are on a long and lovely path of creating, of creation, of stepping into a life of worthy intentions and beauty, of engaging and connecting deeper within yourselves. And therefore, your people.

And we have a choice, right, we can fall down the rabbit hole, or we can get back up. We can change our mindset, and look at things differently, perhaps as a new lesson to learn and grow from. We ask for guidance, from guides, coaches, leaders, informed beings, ones who know, ones who’ve been there, ones who have the tools and expertise that you are looking, and are longing for.

That is what I give you in my new 

Illumination  :: my new Women’s Gathering space,

Breakthrough to your Desires and Abundance

Starting April 12th, 2022  


 the new Mastermind, yep, we kick some ass, but in a loving, soft, and smart way,  that will take you out of the masculine hard-driving workforce to the feminine intuitive do -it-your-way mindset. Where we dive in deep to our true desires and rewrite our story. Thoughts become words become things.

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Illumination :: Breakthrough to your Desires and Abundance

Starting April 12th, 2022 

Twelve weeks of connecting in our women’s circle and mastermind 

So you can step, or dance, into

Your Creative Zone of Genius,  and All your Possibilities

while tuning in and trusting in your Divine Feminine Wisdom, 

Your Way

Led by LIfestyle and Business Coach for Creative Women

Me, Paulette Rees-Denis


Breakthrough to your Desires and Abundance, what does that sound like to you? Your desires… I asked you the other day, what does abundance mean to you? It can mean so many things.

I want to help you clarify exactly what you are wanting, desiring, and guide you to making that thing, those dreams, happen, but to do it in the graceful, intuitive way, not always the intellectual way. You are here to honor those desires…

We spend the next 12 weeks getting super clear with your desires, laying the groundwork, setting gorgeous intentions, and also taking action…learning how to make your magic action plan, yes creating everyday magic for you and your desires for living.

I wake up saying, this is the best day of my life! I want to shine my light, on all that I live, all who I touch, all that I bring to the world.

Do you want that too? 

Clarity on your next step? Because you don’t want to keep repeating what you have already done? Aren’t you DONE with that? Ready for a change, a new way, a new vision, the next level of living for fulfillment? 

My clients are in mid-career, mid-life, and are ready to move forward to more meaning, more depth, more delight, and definitely more prosperity!

So join me on this next phase of your journey, you don’t have to go it alone, allow me to support you and give you expert guidance and support and tools to move into that newness you are dreaming off…

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Don’t be shy!

AND if you are not sure, let’s talk! Schedule a phone chat with me and let me know your thoughts and concerns, and to see if this is the next right step for you.

Right here, click now to schedule that call with me…I’d love to help with your next steps!

I can’t wait to connect with you, and move you into your Illuminated Life!


Another lovely testimonial from my last Mastermind!

Angela writes: 

“Working with Paulette was a journey! Before I started with my coaching sessions, my actions or inactions were driven by fear, I didn’t know what I really want and I felt like I had no purpose in my life: despite all my knowledge I couldn’t take a leap! Paulette with her skills, passion and compassion inspired me and helped me to focuss on one project I felt good about. Then she was there every step of the way to guide me and encourage me. I know that there is still so much work that needs to be done but I am confident and motivated because I know I have Paulette on my side!”