Who is ready to do a bit of dancing with your desires?!!!

Next year is coming up soon… I’m happy to be running another 5-day Challenge, it is really a journaling exploration!

From the Body to the Page, to clarify and curate what is next! To dive in, stepping more into your feminine guidance, listen deep, to play with your words, and use them to empower you to make a change!

You ready?

All you need to do is join my private women’s FB group, Dance with Desire, and I’ll come live to you every morning next week, for 5 days, with some musings and journaling prompts! All time zones are welcome as you can catch the daily replays. You listen in, journal it up with us, and share your words!

Time to Clarify, Cultivate, and Curate how you want to grow into the next year, what you want more of in your life, the changes you want to make…these are some quick days of journaling to get those words moving from your body to the page!

Link here to join up!

See you in the group!