Do you have a journaling practice? Or wish you did? 

I talk a lot about my morning Clarity Ritual and journaling is a big part of that almost daily happenings!

I love to write, most of you know that! Poetry, books, ramblings, musings, stream of consciousness, lists, notes of ideas, project clarity, whatever is happening in the moment for me. Why? I find that journaling brings me into myself and my connection to source, into being grounded and in alignment.

I love to play with words, and try new ways of writing. What I love the most is having a prompt to push me into a new thought or way of seeing something different, or making up characters, or writing about an experience. Most often the words flow out of me without even thinking too hard.

And that is because I have a designated time and place for journaling. It is sacred time, for myself. An act of self-care. We all need some sort of private time, or gathering time to do the one thing.

What else excites me is to listen to and read what others have written. Inspiring, this time of shared writing, of shared space. There is power in words, and there is power in a gathering of creatives, like in my classes. 

Many of you have written with me before, in my in-person classes, dance certification courses, workshops, and also in my online classes. I always ask you to have your journal ready, and when you read what you have written, you blow me away, and you also blow yourself away… What comes through is magic. And that doesn’t mean it has to be a masterpiece, it doesn’t have to be anything but what you just wrote! Maybe a bit of lovely poetic text, maybe a rant about some event, maybe a salute to the day, or perhaps a to-do list!

And it feels so good to journal it down, to sit with others in same space and time, to do just that one thing of letting it flow from your body to the page!

And finally, I have the new gathering starting, virtually, next week! 

Tuesday, Oct. 5th, from 3-4 pm PST

From the Body to the Page

A weekly journaling gathering, on zoom, 

and in our private group page

To journal and explore and share

For all who wish to dive into their words and self-expression!

We start October 5th, but you can join anytime! This is a weekly gathering, and a monthly membership, so you just pay one monthly fee of $27 for the whole month ( and it will be recorded if you have to miss a day!)

***Founding Members!!!

And if you join by Friday, tomorrow! You will get the Founding Members Special pricing of only $17 a month!!!

Click here to register now for the special price!

I’m so excited to be finally having this class again, and ongoing so you can get into your practice and find the richness in journaling, in expressing what is in your body, and enjoy your words…

And remember, thoughts become words become things! 

Below is a short bit or poetry, I call my life-shorts, to share with you today from one of my journaling days…

Enjoy and sign up now, here…

And have a great day,


a poem, life-short, for you!

The one who got away, thank goddess…

Was me, I was cracked open with life

And change and the desire for that big sky of freedom

To have the weight lifted,

The constant state of upheaval and struggle

And fear of the future

And the black hole of debt

And how to continue to strive for the dream

But surviving was the name then

And thriving is the name now

With the release of the shoulders

The self-made burdens of not-enoughness

To live with the conditions of enough now

With blank slates and white wall

And eyes wide open



The prospect of serving

Filling back up on different terms

The closets of joyful color

Craziness of anything can happen

Living with the opportunities

Being a possibilitarian

Because I know the way now

I listen in

I stop

And the create how I see it

And feel it and love it

I am enough.


Hope you can join us next week!