Don’t Jump-
a new poem and some musings!

Hello Saturday, and to you,
I heard this great quote the other day, and it really stuck with me.

Don’t think too hard
Because you will get heavy
and if you get heavy
you can’t fly.

And then I had a nightmare of being on the edge of a cliff, which for me is tortuous. I get vertigo when I’m on a cliff!
This poem, what I call my Life-Shorts, came to me, because I want the freedom of flight, of moving forward.
So I thought I would share this with you today. You too, can take flight, rise from the ashes of stuckness and procrastination, and fly into your bounty!

Don’t Jump, 3/21/24

Hang on tight

Clinging tight to the rock wall

Look up, don’t look down

Sweaty with fear

The fear of falling

The fear of failure

Heavy with the fear of lack

Vertigo kicks in, dizzy with the overwhelming chaos

What’s next, gotta shift

And fall into the love, the divine

Fall into the revelations of not falling down

No abyss jumping allowed

There is more, there is a next

Like a chrysalis

From the cocoon opening up to 

All the possibilities

Don’t think so hard


Sprout the wings of the thunderbird

Create thunder and lightning to clear the way

Rise from the ashes of angst and disbelief

Of frustration and need

Like the phoenix, time to fly

Take the big leap with hope

And set in new intentions with renewed life force

Feel the newness, the freshness

Of transformation of body, heart, and soul

Recognize the moment

Be in the moment on that ledge, the precipice

Knowing there is a colorful choice

The wings fill up and expand

I step off, fall into my trust

With belief that I too, shall rise up

I can soar

Above the fear

And fly with the arms of love

So my friend, take a deep breath, and take that big leap toward your dreams! Have a great weekend…

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