For you, today…A poem ( I call these poetic ramblings my life-shorts) I wrote about Spring, back a few…
Being born, from the womb of dirt and rock
The freshness in the air, coming alive,
Oh my god, I feel the dew
The juice from the womb
And the bursting open is the rising up,
Taking a stand, as if picketing for the sun
Back not so long ago, the planting seeds of dreams,
My dreams
Uncovering and being connected to the earth
Digging in the soil to unfurl
Like the fern, unrolling,
like the pod popping open,
the shell cracking from the pecking
The desire for making space and
To take up space
To know the importance of what I want
Only me, mine, special it is
As in the growth that is coming
The expansion of that vision
The role-playing uniqueness of one, and then
The naming
Oh for so much clarity to come through
The belief in the vision
The pounding of the wanting
You know, when you feel it in your chest
And your heart beating so fast and
You know, finally, that you do know
Wanting that self-sufficiency
To be fed from my own hands
To grow from the garden, within
To the forefront, to be seen and loved and
Ah, so beautiful and delicious
That abundance of living
Water flowing, from a trickle to a waterfall
Producing the drips and the drops and the blast of intention
Then showing up and showing face,
no apologies, with the follow through,
Because I can, still
growing stronger, from being fertile,
feeling the power of the conception
To the inception
weeding out the unwanted
Feeling for the flourishing, the nourishing
The nurturing of the desires
uncovering and being connected
To what is calling me, from me
and there you have it…
give yourself some nourishment, a drink, an art piece, a poem, a walk…what’ll it be?
thank you for being here,