Excitement level: Off the charts! How excited I get when it is time to open up our circle and begin the 3 month series…The big moment is drawing near!🚀

To Manifest Your Desires and Create the Changes You Wish to See

:: Illumination :: A Women’s Circle and Mastermind ::

Connection, Clarity, and Action

Once a year I run this as a virtual gathering for 3 months!

I LOVE sticky notes! You should see my office walls and my desk when I am in this developiment stage of creation. Markers and colors everywhere! Now I am working behind the scenes on our weekly Modules…This is a sneak peek of how I get started, listening to your needs and desires, and putting my tools into action, meticulously curated schedule and process! Final details to come but check this out:

We use ways of connecting deeper within ourselves:

  • Group coaching sessions
  • Stepping into your feminine intuitive guidance system ( your DGS-divine guidance system!)
  • Strengthen your skills for mindset shifts
  • Step into active self-care practices, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, including chakra alignment and connection!
  • Weekly journaling prompts and movement
  • Envisioning exercises to fine-tune and choose the baby steps and the giant leaps toward your wishes.
  • Weekly ”homework” as we go through methods for clarifying your new desires, and ways of moving toward that treasure chest of transformation.
  • Accountability for your actions
  • PLUS TWO  individual coaching sessions with me over our time together

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill mastermind. We’re redefining what honoring our Divine Guidance System looks like., and being in  true alignment with what our intuitive self and the universe is offering us!

Can’t wait to bring this dream to life!  Join us!