Hey Hey! Did you survive the 4th of July?

How do you celebrate the 4th? I’m so over loud fireworks and craziness…

Just knowing what it can do to animals at home (my poor pup was under the bed) and in the wild, besides drive me crazy, it’s but time to make them without the bang… just sayin!


From my sher-roe : The Korean Vegan

“Taking the time to develop the self-awareness to know when you are in crisis–emotional or otherwise–is a critical part of unshackling yourself from chronic stress. “


And that being said, it is time for me to unplug for some time now… I”m on holiday, driving across the country with my man and my dog, enjoying the sites, the incredible mind-blowing landscapes of this country, the small and the big towns, and some well-deserved down time, quiet time, with no plug-ins, no computers just my phone for emergencies…. I have not done this forever, even as I have traveled and taught around the world, I was constantly online. And now with my coaching biz, I am consistently pressing into SM, the reels, the lives, the blogs, and even though I have loved them all, it is time for a change.

A new rendition of me, and my work, and what I have to offer you. Which is pretty damn exciting… and THAT is rocking my world… to be quiet, with myself and my family, but listening deep to what my guides, my spirit, my source has to say to me, as I meditate in, ask for some answers, open my eyes to all my offerings, and how I can best serve now and next…



And Russ Roberts says:

:the verb that describes the preparation for shabbat is “to make “— to create. It implies effort, a paradox given that the essence of shabbat is the cessation of effort. In turn, shabbat — a 25 hour respite from technology punctuated by prayer and lengthy meals with family and friends — has made our family what it is. Keeping and making shabbat is not easy so if it does not come naturally to your worldview, try keeping a little shabbat — have Friday night dinner with your family and try to keep that as a family rule. Or create some other window in your life without devices where family and friends can talk and laugh”


 Now this is a good time for summer gatherings, happy hour parties, and delicious snacks…

How about some of these quick fixins’ for a few friends ( or many, depending on how you roll!)


Cauliflower, one of my most favorite veggies and so versatile… try these, either BBQ or with my fav Buffalo dip:






I’ve recently been invited to a few suppers with friends, and both served the most amazing watermelon salads…. I’ve recently, over the past few years, fallen back in love with watermelon, and these salads are kick-ass… plain is juicy and delightful, but add such things as vegan feta, dried berries or fresh blueberries, mint, some nuts, a little light vinaigrette, or try this simple recipe too…watermelon, mojito!


Send me your fav recipes using this delicious and juicy fruit!


Ok, another fab appetizer, I can’t help myself… because my favorite way to eat is picnic style, with small plates of everything!

So try this avocado chick pea dip!!!!



And because it is that time of year…

 Kabobs, grilling, and delightful sauces! I love a good grilling and eating outdoors with friends! Here’s some good techniques and combos to try!



That should fill you up, make your parties and guests happy, and be kind to all the animals too! 


 Make sure to check out last week’s episode of Heart and Hustle, with the incredible Susan Hyatt who is out to change women’s diet culture!

Click here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF3Iuq5geI3_qhHExfGbjlQ


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You my friend, have a great weekend and let me know what rocks your world!