Ok, I know I”m sending this out on Saturday… had a super full and fun day yesterday and did not get this finished in time…

But you have the weekend to enjoy all these delights, my friend…

(Happy Friday the 20th!)

This is what is rocking my world this week!

Documentary: Heal


And the podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/0vnjLUeXrfR1lYjtl5BkoA#_=_



I made this for you…

MOVE that body!



And I’m so excited to be able to offer this to you again this summer, actually just the month of June, to keep you clear and motivated and on track with those desires, new biz ideas, projects, and your self-care! For the rest of the summer… I want to see you take action. Summer is about fire energy, but not burning up too fast like rocket fuel, but diving into your dreams with passion and feminine confidence. 

I’m also offering this at a crazy price because I know you, me, us, we’ve all been through many months of rough patches, and I really want to help you get up, off the couch, on your feet, and really live the life you deserve and desire! Seriously, only $497 for 4 focused calls with me to help you make your MAP, your Magic Action Plan!

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***RECIPES: SALADS and Fiber

Always I am always loving new recipes…what are  you cookin?

Now is the time to get those fresh greens and delicious cruncy veggies in your salad and your belly!



THIS (I say peanut sauce on everything!) ! https://www.veganricha.com/peanut-sesame-noodle-salad/


And more yumminess! One of my favs… Pad Thai,


Friends, we need more fiber!!!




Check out Deciem, for The Ordinary face products!


Loving these and the prices too!


Video Podcasts

Other podcasts I love:  this week…

Microbiomes!!! Who knew? WOW… great stuff to listen up and learn about….And a great interview on Rich’s podcast about Microbiomes!!!


Who do you listen to? And when do you listen to them?


That’s what I have for you this week, my friend…

And YOU have a blessed and fabulous weekend

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