Friday, what’s rocking my world!

With so much appreciation and gratitude for all the things!

Another week care-giving for my mom in Ohio, and she is doing slowly better everyday, I thank all of you for your healing wishes and supportive thoughts! They really do go a long way, and the energy and love is felt and needed too. YOU are rocking my world!

As I share with you all that this week has brought me, inspiration, listening pleasure, cooking experiments, I also love to know what you think of these, or what is rocking your world this week. Share the love, folks! Don’t be shy, shine your light on someone else too… it makes our world go round.


I am addicted to podcasts,(inlcluding mine (Heart and Hustle:Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers), plus books on tape, especially when I’m out running, 

and the app on my phone, InSight Timer ( which helps me sleep at night with their fab bedtime tales, and they have great meditations.!)


Here’s a podcast that I listened to this week, Beautiful Writer’s Podast!

A chat with between Danielle LaPorte and Linda Sivertsen, long-time sheroes of mine…


Podcast and newsletter: OnBeing–

The Future of Hope


The plant-based pledge!- from Wicked Kitchen

Do it! Pretty cool stuff…

You’ll help save:

  • Animal lives
  • Precious water
  • Beautiful forest
  • Carbon dioxide from warming the planet

You’ll also help feed:

  • 100,000 people


Climate change info ( Thanks to Jen Louden for sharing too!)

“All We Can Save has an incredible list of Resources for working with climate emotions which would be awesome to share with anyone you know who is suffering.”


Our new Anthology- a journaling exploration!

From the Body to the Page

Click here to get your free download pdf! 



Vegan Butter (chicken) with Tofu… one of my all time favs and so delicious… i’ve made this so many different ways…


A poem I wrote about Spring, back a few…


Being born, from the womb of dirt and rock

The freshness in the air, coming alive,

Oh my god, I feel the dew

The juice from the womb

And the bursting open is the rising up,

Taking a stand, as if picketing for the sun

Back not so long ago, the planting seeds of dreams,

My dreams

Uncovering and being connected to the earth

Digging in the soil to unfurl

Like the fern, unrolling,

like the pod popping open,

the shell cracking from the pecking

The desire for making space and

To take up space

To know the importance of what I want

Only me, mine, special it is

As in the growth that is coming

The expansion of that vision

The role-playing uniqueness of one, and then

The naming

Oh for so much clarity to come through

The belief in the vision

The pounding of the wanting

You know, when you feel it in your chest

And your heart beating so fast and

You know, finally, that you do know

Wanting that self-sufficiency

To be fed from my own hands

To grow from the garden, within

To the forefront, to be seen and loved and

Ah, so beautiful and delicious

That abundance of living

Water flowing, from a trickle to a waterfall

Producing the drips and the drops and the blast of intention



Then showing up and showing face,

no apologies, with the follow through,

Because I can, still

growing stronger, from being fertile,

feeling the power of the conception

To the inception

weeding out the unwanted

Feeling for the flourishing, the nourishing

The nurturing of the desires

uncovering and being connected

To what is calling me, from me


Have a great weekend my friend! Let me know what is rocking your world!

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