Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers
with host Paulette Rees-Denis, 
and today’s guest, Peg Iannone, Wellness Coach,
Episode #143, May 2022

Hello friend! Welcome to Heart and Hustle, another discussion with amazing entrepreneurs and magic makers around the globe. And today, welcome to my chat with Peg Iannone, also a wellness coach for mid-life women! I love bringing you all these passionate women who are creating change in the world, and also creating the life of their dreams!

Today we talk about Peg’s great upheaval and panic attacks, and having 3 kids, how she moved forward with coping skills and how to make changes!

We talk more about finding fullfillment, finding contentment, and bam, let’s talk about change in midlife! I know you will appreciate our conversation, and how we are feeling hungry for connection…

Watch here….

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More about Peg!

Peg Iannone~ M.Ed.

Peg is a life and wellness coach specializing in women at midlife. She holds a Masters in Educational Psychology from Fordham and trained at Duke Integrative Medicine in health coaching.

As a coach, speaker and educator, Peg helps women find their own personal power to create fulfillment and contentment in their lives. Peg is also the mom of three teenagers so she approaches coaching and life with plenty of humor.


IG: @peg_iannone 

FB: Peg Iannone


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