Heart and Hustle Special #5–
with Global Caravan for the Gathering with GUEST Master Teacher,
Richelle Spencer…

Hello gorgeous!

Stepping into yet another fabulous chat with one of my certified Master Teachers and a whole she-bang of feminine goodness, today I am chatting it up with Richelle Spencer, from Fremantle, Australia! I’ve been dancing with her for so many years now, and I’m so excited to have her lead some ritual and GC dance and Tribal Grooves workshops for our event– The Gathering, coming up in November! Have you met her yet? What a ball of fire and creativity and goddess excitement I get to share with you…

Not only does she teach several weekly classes in one of my favorite towns, but she does women’s circles, and most of our monthly Tribal Grooves choreographies for our certified teachers…lots of gorgeous dance energy, this woman has! continuously inspiring as she continues to build her business and her community!

Enjoy our conversation
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Richelle, for the Gathering, will be bringing some snappy Tribal Grooves dances, along with opening ceremony, and her workshop on Indian Styling for some beautiful additions to your dance! so much goodness in this festival! Join us now…

The Gathering

Our online event is Nov. 9-13th 2022,
it’s a virtual 5 day event of Global Caravan dance workshops, chats, crafts, Tribal Grooves warmups and workouts, and our global community connection… awesome!
This is for any dance, any level… come and join us…

Register now for the Gathering!

Workshops, global chats, Tribal Grooves workouts, Ceremony and Ritual, our beautiful magical circle of worldwide dancers, coming together for study, growth, connection, community, and creativity!
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If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or any of your teachers to find out more!
Can’t wait to dance with you…

And if you missed my chats with Misha or Nina or Angie or Deirdre, here they are!

Watch here… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJmUcjfx1_A

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