Hello there!

I can’t believe we are heading into the 5th year of my video podcast,

Heart and Hustle:

Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers! 

I have had such beautiful opportunities to interview 134 amazing artists, entrepreneurs, people going after their dreams, and creating positive change in themselves, their people, and the world! And then I get to share with YOU!

Such inspirations on so many levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, and each on their own path, unique, as they have shared with us their traumas and dramas and obstacles, as well as their celebrations and dreams and wins! 

Today, the first interview of this new year, my 135th conversation,  I get to introduce you to another friend of mine, Jamie O’Neill, a painter and a teacher who lives in the desert not far from me. She is a bubbling light of joy and passion and I know you will enjoy our conversation.

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Here are some more of Jamie’s paintings! So awesome…


More about Jamie:

Jamie O’Neil is an artist who enjoys working across mediums. She will paint on anything that will hold still long enough, and she loves bold color and metallics. She is deeply reverent of the divine feminine, and paints goddesses, animals, and portraits of people and pets.

She is inspired by other artists, music, nature, and the ancient world. She is forever grateful to the talented women artists – her mother and grandmother -who put a paintbrush in her hand when she was a small child. Her online art store is goddessknowsart.com and she can be found on Facebook and Instagram @goddessknowsart or 

email at goddessknowsart@gmail.com.

So my friend, enjoy our chat, and let me know how this touched you! I am so happy you are here with me to share this journey of meeting and networking with other creatives… 


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