Welcome to the next discussion in our special series of  Heart and Hustle interviews!

Inspired conversations with several of the Global Caravan Master Teachers and Leaders who are sharing their history, their dance, their workshops, and their ideas for
The Gathering- Strong Roots,
and Connection, 2023

Today with Deirdre Macdonald, from Scotland, #168

The Gathering
our 2nd Annual Virtual Weekend

Nov. 9-12th 2023

with recorded workshops, group gatherings, live chats, ceremony, workouts, reviews and drills!

Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with your host, magic maker and global dance innovator, Paulette Rees-Denis and today we continue our special series, with Global Caravan Master Teacher, Deirdre Macdonald from Scotland!

Another fabulous conversation, I love these short and sweet discussions about dance, co-creation, lifestyle, wellness, and our global dance community… this Global Caravan styling is universal and inclusive, all ages, all sizes, all background, all the dance desires, from workouts to performances…

I always love to share these conversations with you, I love people’s stories, how they dance with their creative expressions, and build upon the LARGE repetoire of GC moves too! woo hoo…

Isn’t it inspiring to listen to the movers and groovers of our GC dance to see what they are up to, how they have grown as dancers and teachers, how their dance has evolved, and what is happening with their workshop offerings for you in this virtual event…so exciting!!!

Many of you have already registered to join us, but I want to make sure you don’t miss this upcoming weekend of dance… so much Global Caravan tribal bellydance goodness coming your way.

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And the workshops will be pre-recorded so you can download, practice on your own, and keep forever!
(You must download them right away though, for only a week after the weekend will they be available!)

Watch our conversation,on YouTube,  here…

or listen on SoundCloud:

and Deirdre’s workshop is called Shawl Love!
You asked for some shawl videos, and see how we use this great prop with our dance… snappy and sexy and fun!

Over the long weekend of dance you get 10 + workshops and workouts and chats… don’t wait…
this is for all dancers, all styles, all levels…
You will walk away ready to move your body, put on some great tunes, and dance!
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We strengthen our bodies, move to the beat, feel the pulse, and dance in circle. Feeling so good and connected. A dance for community and fun and well-being!

A dance of the soul, a dance to connect to each other, a moving meditation. A dance that unites all cultures, all races, all women. Basic, tribal, circular, and feminine. Spiraling through the body, a dance that feels good on all bodies of all ages. Safe, gorgeous, and physically rewarding. A dance to feel alive, to feel connected within oneself, to be in the moment.

A dance that was all the things, inspired by the ancients, by different healing modalities, within different countries, adding assorted layers of a multicultural mish-mash of fabrics and stylings and gracefully laden baubles and beads and tassels. A romantic notion of wandering gypsies, of gathering tribes, circles of expression, the traveling caravans of yesteryear combined with the life of today, the past made modern, reflections of made-up visions of barefoot stomping down dirt roads taking over city streets, with heartbeat rhythms of drums and wailing zurnas and swaying melodies to move the heart.

Paulette has been a global dance leader and innovator for over 30 years, traveling the world, teaching, performing, coaching, and creating tribes of artistic expression, well-being, community, and the joy of being alive in our bodies!

Tribal Vision: a Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance

is one of her books published, this being about the dance, the history, the community, and the joy of life with moving our bodies… available on Amazon

Well, what do you think, my friend? Did you enjoy our chat? What are you takeaways from this conversation?

I am delighted and excited to bring this growing global tribe of creatives, dancers, writers, painters, and more, together again, virtually ( next  year in person! too!)…
Believe me my friend, you inspire me and I so happy to share all the gifts, all the things, with all of you!

What’s coming up? things to look forward to:

Who journals, or wishes to write more, or wants to get stuff out of their heads?
From the Body to the Page: Beyond the Ordinary
our once-a-month virtual writing on Zoom!

Beyond the Ordinary :: Writing from the Body to the Page

we continue the  rewilding with our words

New Fall 2023 Dates

Sept. 16 was fabulous, with the topic of Cultivating!
The theme for October is Repetition!

NEXT: Oct. 21, Nov. 18, Dec. 16th, 2023, 9:30 am – 11:30 am PST, on Zoom

We write, we read aloud to share, we experiment with different styles of writing and journaling, with evocative prompts, some rambling, experimenting with poetic verse in different forms, mystical and magical imagery, and deep dives into our own lives. Writing ourselves into being present, showing up, and letting our muse take us to that special place of expression.
Check it out and register for Oct. 21!

2023 Global Caravan Virtual Gathering– 

The Gathering

Strong Roots

and the Strength of Connection

November 9-12th 2023

Join us for an online three-day dance excursion into

Global Caravan Tribal Bellydance!

Dance Workshops, Zoom Chats, Ritual, Celebrations, and more

With the twelve teachers of Global Caravan

From Italy, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA

The GC Inspirations for this Gathering:

We want to continue to bring together all of our dancers from around the globe, all-inclusive– from beginners to the advanced,  with seasoned roots, the mainstay of our dance and some new moves and reviews and remembrances of what makes our style for everyone and extra creations with some innovative GC Stylings,  for exploration, refinement, community, connection, integrity, and passion!
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In person, in the Coachella Valley desert!

New class with me in Palm Springs, Wed. 10 am
Step by Step studio in Palm Springs (10 am)
316 N. Palm Canyon Dr ( easy parking too)
we have 3 more weeks of this session,  1 week off, no class Wed. Nov. 1
then start up again Nov. 8th!

And I’m excited to start the Monday night classes in Palm Desert this coming Monday Oct. 9th!
This is a six week session… at Kareem’s Wellness Academy

44635 San Rafael, at 6PM
and no class Mon. Oct 30th ( Halloween time!)


join me too, so not to miss any of our upcoming events!