Heart and Hustle:
Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, with host
Paulette Rees-Denis,
and today with guest Ellyn Shamalov,
Enlightenment Mentor, #182  

As always, my friend, these continued conversations bring you intimate conversations with these magic makers, healers, entrepreneurs…people creating change, and creating the life they desire, and bringing into manifestation those visions and purposes.

Today, Ellyn and I talk, about her journey, through connections, suicide, elevation, coaching, frequency, and all the goods. Of course, I always want to know about personal self-care, with her meditations, plant medicine journeys to break through the mind and go deep.

I love these conversations and that I get to share them with you!
Enjoy and let me know your takeaways and questions…

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More about Ellyn:


I teach lightworkers, healers, coaches + spiritual wonderers how to accelerate their emotional healing to ascend to the 5D Paradigm using the Quantum Enlightenment System™, an advanced quantum healing method channeled from spirit for the New Human Era (AKA: the 5D Paradigm).

My mission is to empower light workers to usher humanity into the New Earth Paradigm by helping them fully step into their purpose and change the world by BEing the change!

I work with a powerful galactic/angelic team brought here to assist humanity with the ascension process. I have a goal to impact billions as they awaken by helping them stop the cycle of misery from the constraints of emotional burdens and karma so that they can create a life where abundance, freedom and happiness is the norm.
website: https://catalytichealing.com/

For your free Akashic reading with Ellyn
561-862-2932 Text ellyn: “I’m ready to Transform”


Enjoy and stay connected with me, my friend. Thank you for being here and for sharing in the journey we are all on.
I appreciate and honor you!

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