Heart and Hustle:
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with today’s guest,
Intuitive Energy Healer, and Author
Susan Renee Gibson!


Another great conversation…

I love this conversation with Susan, we start talking about being a survivor, being a rape victim, and how our energy holds onto those traumas, and wanting to heal. Susan has been on a journey, asking for help, and diving into different modes of healing so she could stop the numbing…

And now she is on the other side, helping others after studying energy work and bringing that into her career, loving self-education and getting the tools for herself and then for others.

Watch as Susan talks about writing her first book, and that path, and how she works with her clients… such a fun, poignant, and juicy conversation!

Here you go, on YouTube…


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More about Susan:

Susan Renee Gibson is the owner of Your Path to Peace and creator of The Gibson Reconnection Process™.

As an intuitive energy healer and life coach, she helps hardworking, perfectionist, sensitive women overcome their anxiety without medication. After suffering anxiety for most of her life, Susan came to a choice point in her life and had to choose whether to continue on the anxiety merry-go-round or finally get off. She chose to take the journey of a lifetime and discovered how to heal her anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

Susan became an energy healer through The Barbara Brennan School of Healing after more than seven thousand hours of trainings and studies, graduating with a BS in Brennan Healing Science in 2014. She expanded her training with the Healing Touch Program™ and then became a Reiki Master. Since energy isn’t bound by space or time, Susan is blessed to work with women all over the world to help them heal their anxiety.

After volunteering for five years with Women Helping Women in Cincinnati as a hospital advocate and then support group facilitator, Susan started her own sexual assault support group that incorporated her vast healing knowledge. This catapulted her down a path of exploring power and control dynamics, trauma, and the anxiety connection to both. Susan has been featured in multiple magazines and podcasts for her healing work and is excited to bring this work to even more people.
yourplaceforpeace.com ( connect a get a free copy of her book! Heck yea!)
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