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today with guest Maribeth Decker, Animal Communication Expert #176

It feels like it has been eons since I published my last H&H interview… and I’m excited today to bring you this fun conversation with Maribeth Decker,

Where People and Pets Heal and Connect…

and what stories she has, has lived through, and the work she does is so special and helpful and needed! Using intuition to connect with animals, she has a background of varieties, including energy healing and being in the Navy!  We have lots of laughs, a great discussion about living with our pets, and other animals of the world and how we coexist!

Enjoy our conversation, so good, and always so delightful and important to see what other women creatives are bringing to our world!

Watch here on YouTube:

More about Maribeth:

Maribeth Decker, a retired Naval Officer, found her calling as an animal communicator after becoming a Reiki Master when her Siberian Husky, Mitsubishi, cursed her out as she tried using energy healing on him. He probably thought that language was okay because of her time in the Navy–think “swearing like a sailor”! That got her attention.

Back then, Maribeth didn’t know animal communication was a career option. But she loved sharing animals’ thoughts and feelings and watching healing happen. As a bonus, she delighted in how open-hearted her human clients were, even when incredibly upset or worried about their animals. Peace in Passing is her first book.




Thank you all for hanging out with me, and my guests on this show… let us know what you think, and what you might like to see more of, or who to interview too!

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