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Heart & Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,

with host Paulette Rees-Denis

with today’s guest artist,  Pamela Sue Johnson Episode #134

It’s the last Heart and Hustle interview of the year! And what better way to end the year’s worth of inspired conversations then to talk with artist, painter, and badass Pamela Sue Johnson!

A former coaching client of mine, she decided to jump into her dreams and leave a soul-sucking factory job to pursue her love of painting and living large and has now turned entrepreneur, successful painter and teacher, and having her freedom while making money selling her art!

What a delightful conversation with this fabulously crazy sexy woman who is living large and in charge, and doing a damn good job!

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Plus her work is amazing!

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More about Pamela:

Pamela Sue Johnson is a full-time mixed-media artist and art instructor. Her art style is loose and fluid and often includes inspiring messages. Pamela creates a wide range of artwork from watercolor to abstract acrylic. She is available for commission work. “The more unusual the better,” says Pamela who loves bringing people’s creative ideas to life. You can find Pamela in a forest or kayaking when she is not art-making from her studio in Vancouver, Washington. 

Website :  www.pamelasuejohnson.com

Facebook Stalk Me :  www.facebook.com/pamelasuejohnson11

Instagram Prowl Me : www.instagram.com/pamelasuejohnson


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