Heart and Hustle:
Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers,
with your host and lifestyle coach,
Paulette Rees-Denis
with my guest today,
Lee Chaix McDonough,
Clarity Coach and so much more! Episode #156

Hello there! How excited am I to introduce Lee to you today!

Meet Lee! And enjoy our conversation on Heart and Hustle!

I so love these short chats/interviews/discussions that I share with you, networking, stepping into curiosity about others’ stories, how they built their businesses, and what they are bringing to the world! Making magic!!

More about Lee:
Lee Chaix McDonough is the founder of Coach With Clarity, a training and education company for life and business coaches. She is also the host of the Coach with Clarity podcast and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, ACT On Your Business: Braving the storms of entrepreneurship and creating success through meaning, mindset, and mindfulness.
Originally a clinical social worker and healthcare professional, Lee has leveraged those skills into her career as a credentialed coach. Now she’s helping others change their career path trajectories by providing ICF-accredited training and continuing education via the Coach With Clarity framework, an approach that combines meaning, mindset, and mindfulness with coaching skill and business strategy.
Lee’s passion is helping coaches and clients achieve their personal and professional dreams, which she does through her training programs and one-on-one services. Lee’s empathic nature and desire to truly connect with people help her stand out from the crowd, allowing her clients and students to feel deeply seen and heard. You aren’t just a face in a crowd when working with Lee.

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