Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers

with host Paulette Rees-Denis, 

and today’s guest, Sara J McElroy, 

A Member of the Great Resignation!

Breakdown to Breathrough… that’s what Sara has been through and has come out shining with passion and a purpose!!! Corporate to quitting…knowing when to leave your job to follow your dreams…That’s what Sara is all about. 

She went from being perpetually exhausted to quitting her job and trekking through Peru to heal! She moved to another state,  got another job, and started the hamster wheel again. So she resigned one more time, what she calls the Great Resignation! How many of you are feeling that way?

Enjoy our conversation today, and check out what Sara is doing now too.

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More about Sara:

She is a journalist and founder of the RAZE TO RISE project, a movement aimed at amplifying the powerful voices of women from the Great Resignation!

A former hustle culture devotee, ex-chief marketing officer, the Wall Street Journal’sposter girl for pandemic career burnout, and a two-time member of the Great Resignation: class of 2021 and 2022. Following a stress-induced shingles diagnosis in early 2021, Sara decided to hit the reset button on her life; she quit her hard-won CMO job and trekked to Peru’s Sacred Valley to reset her frayed nervous system. When she returned, she relocated from the buzzy metropolis of Atlanta to the beach in South Florida for a new job and a fresh start. But she once again encountered deeply ingrained cultural issues in her new role, and ultimately, she walked away again. Finding herself in the company of millions of other women who also set unfulfilling jobs ablaze during the Great Resignation, she returned to her journalism roots and began to explore the stories, breaking points, and defining moments that led women to seek greater opportunity mid-pandemic. These conversations became the genesis of Raze to Rise – an organization created to amplify women’s voices from the Great Resignation and inspire others to blaze new trails in their own careers. 
web SaraJMcElroy.com
web RazetoRise.com
insta: @sarajmcelroy
linkedIn: SaraJMcElroy


As always, I hope you enjoy this conversation! I am so glad to have you on my journey of exploration and creativity…

Have a great week, my friend!

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