How many of you women entrepreneurs find find this time of year, winter, the darker nights, the shorter, colder days, and often grayer days, hard? Hard to wake up, to get motivated, to sit at your desk with all the lights on? Ready to go to bed at 8 because it’s been dark for hours? 

I know I do, here in Palm Springs. Of course, now, around the holiday season, it is delightful, and helpful,  to get seduced by the twinkling of the holiday lights flickering around town or even around your home, inside and out. The candle light both early morning during my meditation and yoga, journaling practice, and at night while cooking, eating, and reading, is always calming and beautiful. A form of magic. The roasting veggies and delicious soups are heart and body warming. And in some way, the chill keeps me inside working, as opposed to the sun and heat that calls me out into my garden to toil away the hours or invites me on my glamping road trips.

But really, that beautiful feeling of magic, still, and always, has to first come from within! Outside inspiration is eternally desired, but staying connected to oneself is where the magic lays, starts, and expands.

Truly one of my hardcore values, is to live with everyday magic. To find the twinkle, the sparkle, the awe in everything I do, what and who I surround myself with. To live lit up everyday.

That comes from a huge gratitude practice. Taking stock, noticing, being uber present, conscious, of what and why I do what I do, for whom Ido it for, where I am in life, and what is life giving to me. There is so much magic out there. 

Magic in many forms. Magic of the leaf unfurling, and the changes in the garden,  but also the magic of the raising energy we create, making what we love happen, sharing with others, opening our eyes, and listening to what is on the inside, what we are truly desiring to give to the world. Our gift is our magic.

Staying connected, even on those darker days can be tricky, so asking for help on a project, getting a coach for some guidance and new tools, and even getting out to have lunch with a friend, is important, right? But staying connected to oneself first and foremost is where  your magic starts. 

I so believe that moving the body is a major factor too. I see lots of older folk who get very comfortable on the couch. (know anyone like that?). For fear of being seen, for fear of injury, or just being too dang comfy. When is the last time you danced around your kitchen? Or went out to a club to bust a move? Or took a tai chi class? To move your body. Think of that beautiful energy you raise within when you move your body. And the magic you can create by raising that energy and getting more connected!

We are all composed of these human muscles, bones, and skin, that need to move along with what’s on the inside of the brain and the soul. So I invite you to find that movement that rocks your spirit, remember the dancing days of your youth, try a little something different and find your rhythm so you can get unstuck and keep your momentum and your connection moving into magic! Your magic, your shine! Raise your energy, and it will expand your whole being.

Here is a quote from one of my heroes:

“An excuse is simply a challenge that you’ve decided has power over you.
If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way past all your obstacles:
if you’re kinda sorta serious about changing your life, you’ll find an excuse.
In other words, excuses are fake news. “
Jen Sincero

Keep that everyday morning ritual of meditation, journaling, moving the body, and setting your day up for success. Those are my methods and magic-making tools, and boy howdy, when I don’t stick to them, it’s easy to fall into distraction and despair and depression. Following me?  

But following a regime, a bit of structure, and disciplining oneself to do what feels really good, will make a huge difference in your body, brain, and life! Instead of falling on the couch in fear or stagnation, which won’t get you feeling good at all, right? It takes envisioning the outcome, what you are desiring to change, to step up into. To free your spirit and your body with movement.

Ok, I’ve got one more quote: 

“The dominant motives of humankind involve either freedom or fear,
there are no other pathways in our psychology.
One demands engagement with our true self and ambitions and inevitably leads to
independence, growth, happiness, and transcendence.
The other causes us to skirt around challenges,
avoiding struggle as much as possible-despite struggle being the very thing required for growth. This path leads to weakness, conformity, and frequently, regret.
Through the pursuit of personal freedom,
we discover our destiny, through fear, we look at our demise.”
Brendon Burchard


So freedom, everyday magic, to live lit up, and expand into all that we can be, all that we desire, and to be truly connected, mind, body, spirit.  Sounds great right? So, my friend, take time to find that commitment to yourself, to your own practice, to find your magic, so you can shine your light, even on the darkest of days!

And don’t forget to step outside to bathe under the full moon tomorrow!

Wishing you always great love… 


Know that I am here to support you, to share ideas, because I want to see you shine your light, to illuminate your dreams, to stop the self-sabotage into your desires. You are part of this community, online, that I love sharing life’s journeys with. We are all part of one big circle, and every one of us is important to that circle of life. You have a life to live and joy to have. What’s next for you?

I am excited to be of service to you, to possibly work together in the future as your coach, and help you achieve your creative abundance, the life of your dreams! Schedule in that free call with me so we can start the next year with power, beauty, grace, your divine creative desires!