Honoring your feminine intuition!

I have come across so much of this lately, women who are desperately wanting to move forward with their ideas, desires, and creative projects, but are standing strong and feeling like they need to grasp onto old stories, past ways, and masculine-styled energy to put things into practice. Clinging hard to their dreams, afraid to lose them, afraid to step outside of the proven box. Which is supposed to lead to proven success, but not in the way their heart and soul want to lead them, not in the way they want to show up in their life and business plans.

Does this sound like you?

I’m starting another women’s circle just for you… so you can step into, leap into your dreams and desires, make your magnificent plans, set your soul goals, take gorgeous action that feels so good, so aligned with your heart and soul while it makes so much sense. 

 Illumination :: Breakthrough to your Desires and Abundance

Starting April 12th, 2022  

A 3-month women’s circle and mastermind for stepping into 

Your Creativity and your Possibilities 

while tuning in and trusting in your Divine Feminine Wisdom

Led by LIfestyle and Business Coach for Creative Women

Paulette Rees-Denis

Because, my friend, I have done this for my own businesses, stepped outside the masculine protocol, leaned into my own freak flying, even rock n’ roll ways, and built my dreams the way I wanted my life to go. As an intuitive creator, a master facilitator, teacher, and performer, a powerhouse of action, a woman who listens deep, and a coach who has the tools, this is the group for you if you are ready to let go but dive into what you truly want. And we will uncover that for you with excitement and possibilities.

The idea is to work smarter, not harder, shorter, not longer, easier, with more clarity and love and passion! And to step into your abundance.

:: this new virtual women’s circle is a series of coaching, gathering, support, 

tools for your clarity on what is next, how to allow your dreams to unfold, 

and receiving your wealth::

I invite you to join this new Women’s Circle, a Mastermind of feminine grace and power, with intuitive guidance! Not just from me, but from yourself, to make the choices that will serve you, uplift you, and fulfill you.


15 driven women who are looking to take a deep dive into their 


  • Women who are ready to write their own rules and decide how their lives and businesses will work for them.
  • Women who are ready to upgrade their lives and their personal brands to call in more abundance, and full alliance into their divine feminine.
  • Women who are ready to work directly with me and our inspired circle to build the path to success and joy in their lives.
  • Women who know what they want to do, but desire the support, accountability, and inspiration to make it happen.


  • You crave a community of badass, hard-working, highly motivated women to surround and uplift you into your divine abundance.
  • You want to lean more deeply into your own thoughts and ambitions and desires.
  • You desire a group of women who get it, who want more for themselves and know they can have it. 
  • You know how important it is to be in the energy of people who desire to elevate themselves, to surround yourself with like-minded women.
  • You are ripe for transformation. You are on the edge of change. You know it is your time.
  • You want to fly your freak flag and do it your way!

To Illuminate your l Life, Your Dreams… to live lit up every day! That’s my goal for you…

Are you ready to join me next week for the next 3 months? 

To put you first, on your calendar…

Register here


Our Magical and Actionable Tools include: 

  • Your Makeover- Extreme Selfcare, and Clearing Out
  • Your Daily Morning Rituals and Building New Habits 
  • Making your MAP –Your Magic Action Plan and Knowing your WHY
  • Changing Your Story and Releasing What is Holding You Back
  • Using the Clarity Tool and Rewriting your Story
  • Your Participation on Social Media and Participating Full On in Your Life
  • Future-tripping- Envisioning the Life You Desire 
  • Your Money Game and Your Limiting Beliefs 
  • Being a possibilitarian- the Art of Asking, Allowing, and Receiving

You can get more info here, 

andif you have questions, please reach out to me, paulette@paulettereesdenis.com

I look forward to starting the next journey with you… join me, and our circle!

A Former client of mine says:

Pamela Sue Johnson writes:

Paulette Rees-Denis is a force to be reckoned with. Her message and speaking style are so authentic and true across the board whether she is speaking to a small group of women or a room full of change-makers.  Wherever she goes she brings her signature style that provokes the listener’s imagination. She is not only an effective communicator; she also lives what she preaches. Paulette is a game-changer for her clients and students. https://www.pamelasuejohnson.com/