Here we go!

We are talking about HOPE in our Dance with Desire group for the next two weeks…
I think hope is related to desire, don’t you?
What do you hope for?
What do you desire?
Do those two words feel different to you?

I coach my clients and students so much about clarifying their desires… because they have changes, they have come to light, they have new “a-ha’ moments…Desires change as we grow older… 

Some ideas of desire

  1. Comfort: The desire for a comfortable and pleasant environment 
  2. Acceptance: The desire for acceptance and being liked by others 
  3. Curiosity: The desire to learn and explore new things 
  4. Efficiency: The desire to save time and effort 
  5. Convenience: The desire for things to be easy and accessible 
  6. Expression of beauty and style: the  human inclination to express oneself through fashion and design
  7. Financial security: The desire to have a stable financial situation and be free from financial worries.
  8. Personal growth: The desire for self-improvement, personal development, and reaching their full potential.
  9. Health and well-being: The desire to maintain good physical and mental health and live a fulfilling life.
  10. Love and connection: The desire for meaningful relationships, love, and a sense of belonging.
  11. Recognition and achievement: The desire and want to be acknowledged and rewarded for their accomplishments and efforts.
  12. Adventure and excitement: The desire for novelty and thrilling experiences that break the monotony of daily life.
  13. Inner peace and tranquility: The want to find a sense of calm and harmony within themselves.
  14. Influence and power: The desire to have an impact on others and the ability to shape outcomes.
  15. Freedom and independence: The want to have the autonomy to make choices and live life on their terms.
  16. Purpose and meaning: We all seek a sense of purpose and direction in life, wanting our actions to have significance.

That’s a big long list of desires…

And possibilities and hopes…
what are you hoping for? What are you desiring for yourself? Especially as we step into this new year?.


you can join us for this 14 day adventure into HOPE!
we started Monday but you can join anytime!

Hope! Our theme word for November… and moving into December with a 14-day Challenge…
questioning, thinking, journaling, listening, inspiring words about **what is HOPE to you, for you, for the world!
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I love these challenges, bringing us together to have good conversations, inspiring moments of beauty and connection, and taking short snippets of time for allowing time to wonder and wander!

private women’s group on FB… to join in on this challenge…
We’ll be journaling on HOPE and possibilities and desires!
Join us…


Thank you Heather  Daniel for this beautiful triplet of inspiration!