I did it! Finished my15 mile swim challenge for the American Cancer Society! It took me a bit longer to finish, but I forged on and did it… and with thoughtful money donations from many of you, and encouragement to continue on, I raised $810 for the ACS. 

Why was this important to me? On many levels, many things, for one, to support a good cause, to spread that kind of energy, of giving, of being of service, of raising awareness and helping others think of their ways of helping and giving back too.

On a physical level, I wanted to undertake this challenge to see if I could do it. I love to swim, but I was only doing about 10 laps at a time, I got up to 100 laps, but mostly I was around 50-70 a day ( 58 being a ½ mile in my pool), and I swam almost everyday for over a month. So it was a physical challenge for me too. And the bonus to that is, not only did I get stronger and great-looking shoulders, but I healed the pinched nerve in my back that left my arm tingling all the time. Swimming helped ease that nerve! No more tingling and uncomfortableness in my whole arm. 

I had you all to hold me accountable too… that’s a great reason to have a tribe, for connection, support, kick-ass guidance, and inspiration. To be accountable for what you say you are going to do, you want to do… that is a great impetus to keep going. Know what I mean?

So what are you wanting to do? Are you walking your talk? What a great goal you can meet by the end of the year that means a lot to you? Something you’ve been wanting to do? Take a minute and journal it out, ask yourself what that looks like. And what will it look like if you can actually take the action steps to get there? Of course, always remembering it is about the process, not always the end journey.

Sure there were a few days, I thought, I don’t need to finish this challenge. I got up in the morning, early, and put my bathing suit on, grabbed my towel, and walked to the pool. And once I got into the pool I just kept going. Getting started is the hardest part of any project! But I wanted to do it, It made me feel good, in my heart, and my body. 

And mostly, I did it for all the cancer survivors and those that have left us because of cancer. Because cancer sucks. 

Let me know if I can support you in any way!

Have a great week, 

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From the Body to the Page!

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Our once a week gathering on Zoom with focused time to journal to the varied prompts of poetry, stories, magic and soul searching phrases!

Time to write together and time to read aloud your journaling, with no critique or judgement, only encouragement and support. This is time for you to take the pen to the page, listen deep within your body, and enjoy this hour of YOU and your creativity unfolding.

No experience necessary, all levels of writing welcome. Together we can build our creative community of self-expression and inspiration!

Plus we have a private group page to share our writings with each other.

Every Tuesday, 3:00-4:00 PST on Zoom…

Monthly for $27…

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What I wrote on Sunday about the first class!

Can I just say how crazy excited I am about our first From the Body to the Page” journaling class last Tuesday? You journalers blew my mind, and I think all of your own minds too, with your own way of showing up with your journaling and by giving yourself the hour and the sacred space to journal your hearts out, to let the words flow and have fun with your words, while joining in our circle!

Poignant, with laughter and tears, aha moments, playful, all the things that come from self-expression and exploration. That’s what I want from my dancers, my clients, my students, and most importantly, myself. To find artful, but non-precious creation! One of the best things I learned in art school was to not try to make every creation precious but just to let it be, to come from the gut, the heart, the intuitive release. And to remember, it is not the end product but the journey along the way. I always say, you gotta have fun while you are doing whatever you are doing!


I’ve been wanting to recreate this class in this format for many years. I’ve taught this idea in workshops, and 4-week classes, but now I finally have the knowledge, skills, and desire, to create this sacred space for you…this is an ongoing weekly class so you can build upon your practice of journaling, of enjoying your creative process and playing, an important part of self-care!  And also build within the community, which is inspirational and supportive too!.

I was never ready or had the proper time to devote to it before now, and now I am devoted to my own writing practice and creative processes, which are in full swing now, and that I can finally bring this to you, to experience the delight of your own words and explorations, whether they be crappy or brilliant, no matter, no judgment… this is for you, your time, your body, heart and soul, and so freaking fun!

But the point of this is that I want you to step into your desires, what you want to create, figure out how to do it, get advice, coaching, study so you, too, can create what you are wanting to bring into this world, It may not happen overnight, and it might take several incarnations to get where you want it to be… Enjoy that process, but friend, just do it. Jump before you are ready, take a leap, trust your gut and make it happen. It will reward you in so many ways.

If you  want to jump into this journaling class, you can join anytime, any week, for a month at a time, and commit to your practice. I am holding space for you!


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