Even though I have been able to build my coaching practice and have had the beautiful opportunities to lead and coach women from around the globe to their creative potential and abundance, I know what it’s like to struggle with those old money stories of scarcity and starving artist mentality.  I know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night, with anxiety, and panic attacks about figuring out how to pay the bills while trying to be a successful artist, dancer, creative woman. I know what it’s like to struggle with almost losing my home and walking away with no keys. I was adamant about living the way I wanted to live and to be able to fly my freak flag, and live on my own terms, my own way!

To lay down at night thinking about how important my life is, and my creative desires, and how to be independent, live the life I dream of, and wanting to figure out how to get out of the shit hole of debt and depression and that continuing question of what is next. I wasn’t going to give in, I wasn’t going to walk away with nothing, No settling for me, damn it. Not after I had worked this hard. I was going to figure this out. 

I wanted help, and I decided I needed to ask for it, so that I could move forward. And there was a light that led me forward, my own inner vision. My own inner guidance. I knew I could do this, but  not alone, I needed help. I leaped into that next step.

Now I know what it is like to be on the other side of it, those old money stories, and clearing the slate, and being able to step into the life I do deserve and desire. Now I get to wake up to another day in paradise, the best day of my life, and the way I have chosen to live while I do my best service to my clients and students. I get to show up in my abundance. The best part is not only do I get to make my living doing the work I love, but I am DOING the work I love, which brings more happiness and success, not only to me, but to my clients, and that trickles down into our world.

I want this kind of life for everyone,  and for YOU. Shifting your mindset, releasing those old stories, allowing yourself to have the abundance, and doing what you love. Living a creative life. Flying your freak flag!

That’s why I have continued to move forward with my coaching practice, to do the work that makes a difference in my clients’ lives, the richest reward for me. 

Sometimes I think I share too much! But my deeper truth is that I care way too much about helping people get out of the place of lack, and into that place of abundance, living into their creative zone of genius, participating full-on in their own dreams. I know how painful it can be to continue that struggle of chaos and overwhelm and uncertainty about what to do next, or how to shift your mindset, or how to get clarity on your dreams and soul goals. If I hadn’t chosen to invest in myself, I would still be stuck in that mire of bullshit. So I have dedicated myself to helping another thousand women step into their own vision, their creativity, their personal beauty and their prosperity. 

The world needs all of us, and needs us to show up and participate and live full-on! We each deserve that!

If you, or anyone you know, struggles with this feeling of overwhelm, of being multi-passionate and not wanting to give up on their dreams, of knowing there is more for them to do, to live, to experience, please drop me a message, below, or as a PM. I would love to offer you a free From Chaos to Creativity Discovery Session so I can help you start moving forward into clarity and action for your own creative desire. Life is too short to spend it in that crazy chaos of uncertainty, and what if’s, and what do I do next, head games. I’d be honored to support you, or someone you care about. LMK below if I can be of service to you or your friend.

Here is the link to get registered with a call with me, I am excited to meet you and see how I can be of service. Click here to schedule me with you! https://paulettecoaching.as.me/chaostocreativity

With deepest sincerity for your vision, 

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