Your Desires:

Ideas for Manifesting Your Dreams in the New Year

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And it’s almost the new year! 2022… And it will be grand, I have every intention of making it so!

What are you going to be doing this next year?

First, I’m off to Hawaii for 2 weeks of holiday time with my honey, and some friends! I really want to take some good downtime to start off my year. Even though I will be doing some work (just a little!) while I’m there, taking some chillin’ time will give me the rest and zest for diving into new projects and desires. Some delicious possibilities and journeys for us to take together.


*** On Wednesday, January 12th at 1:00 pm  PST on zoom just for you, I’m holding another FREE Masterclass called Your Desires, Ideas for Manifesting Your Dreams in the New Year, to give you some ideas of ways to create change, to show you what it’s like to work with me and within a powerful circle of women, and to help you get clarity on creating that change. Manifesting your desires, I call that rewriting your story the way you want it to be!

Will you join me? An hour of ideas and fun, yes, because creating and making change can be exciting and rewarding!

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Your Desires:

Ideas for Manifesting Your Dreams in the New Year! Wednesday, January 12th, 1:00 pm on Zoom, 

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And more good things coming up in the New Year. Are you feeling antsy and ready to open up to all the possibilities waiting for you? To make a move and get on with those ideas you’ve been waiting to make happen? Ready to focus and get support and guidance and tools to manifest your desires?

***I’m starting up the new women’s gathering, starting January 18th,  for 3 months. The Mastermind will focus on guiding you into your creative soul… a journey toward making things real with a more feminine approach. Thoughts become words become things, I always say. So embody those dreams and dance with your desires!

Dancing with Your Desires! 

Illuminating and Manifesting What is Next for You

Join us as we dive into the 
Feminine Way of Manifesting our Desires

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In my group coaching circles, I help guide women to invest in their own self-care, self-love, and listen in deep to their desires, because they want to create change in their lives, whether that be to change their income, build onto their business, change their bodies, lifestyles, or change their mindset! 

To illuminate from the inside out, to connect with the feminine spirit, intuitive guidance, for your creative lifestyle full of possibilities! And how to take action, that’s the ticket, my friend! To actually focus and take action steps to create your vision, your lifestyle, your dreams.

Illuminate and Manifest!

Let’s bring on the new year with you taking action, making the decisions to move forward, and taking steps for your success and freedom.

So join my free masterclass, Your Desires, here

And if you are ready to dive in deeper, and really get started moving forward, join in the new January Mastermind: Dancing with Your Desires, here


Blessings to you in the new year and I hope to connect with you…


What else is happening for you? Check out my weekly writing class!

A weekly writing gathering for all who wish to dive into their words and self-expression!

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Our once-a-week gathering on Zoom with focused time to write with the varied prompts of poetry, stories, magic and soul searching phrases!

Take some time to write together and time to read aloud your journaling, with encouragement and support. This is time for you to take the pen to the page, listen deep within your body, and enjoy this hour of YOU and your creativity unfolding.

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