Happy Monday *|FNAME|*

You know that saying, “Stop and smell the roses?” 

Well, I’ve taken it to heart this summer. I’ve spent lots of time walking outside, visiting gardens and sightseeing, in between work and caretaking for my 97-year-old mama. Good times of meditation, self-connection, listening in to my heart and soul, reviewing and rewriting some of the ways of my own self-sabotage and procrastination, just as I have been talking to you about! Because that is what I hear from you, as a woman who is getting older and changing your ideas, desires, and values. That you aren’t sure of what to do next…

All that to say… 

 I wanted to send friendly “heads up” email —  just in case you are: 

  • Spending less time online and have missed some of my conversations
  • Wanting some big ( or small!) changes in your life
  • And wondering about what is next for you

So here’s what’s happening for this coming season!: 

I’m launching a my newest gathering circle, virtually, for women! It’s called
::Illumination :: Connection, Clarity, and Action! 

And it starts Tuesday September 19th, soon!!! Next week…

This fabulous and intimate circle will support guide you through the muddy waters of 

  • Rewriting your new story, 
  • From the first steps of more self-care, 
  • Movement and body love
  • To connection with your desires, 
  • Envisioning your new lifestyle, 
  • To taking actual action steps with clarity and confidence
  • Mapping it out
  • And the Manifestation of those dreams!
  • Plus getting great support, tools, coaching, and discussions!

I want this experience to feel intimate and interactive, participation in your life is crucial! so I am only making this available to a small group of 10 women ready to commit to their dreams…

No more procrastination, it’s time to get on the train! One way to think about those dreams of yours, and you, is where would you like to be a year from now? Or 3 months from now…
so, no more waiting for tomorrow, start NOW! What or who are you waiting for?

As part of my close-knit list, you’ll get an email with all the sign in info, including our private FB group page, zoom links to our weekly chats and a calendar to schedule your TWO private coachings sessions with me!

And because of my desire to help so many women step into their dreams and power and beauty and JOY, I have a sliding scale payment option for you! I have really REDUCED the pricing for this mastermind from previous years of doing this. I know it has been rough for so many of us these last few years, of getting and staying stuck, so come on with us and let’s do this together.

I’d love to see you there & help you create your dream life, getting unstuck, and loving yourself, your body, your work, and rewrite those stories!

You ready to take the plunge? Here is the link to read more and get registered…

Any qs? Feel free to hit the reply button. 

See ya soon!