Happy Solstice my beauties!

Time to gather up, circle up, set those new intentions for the coming year, for the return of the light,and of course, all the holiday festivities happening!

I love this time of year for so many reasons, but mostly because I take the time to reflect and look at this past year, as well as get excited about all the possibilities for the new year. I‘m not talking about resolutions, I’m talking about possibilities, people!

To Be a Possibilitarian!

Today on my last FB live of the year, I talked about curating and creating the life you desire… living large, showing up, participating in your life, and manifesting your desires! You can catch the replay here…

I have big visions for next year for myself, for my business, my love life and family, my freedom, my abundance, and my creativity. And for YOU! I love creating possibilities for you, it’s one of my biggest passions, as a teacher, a leader in feminine movement, and a woman. I move forward, I curate, and create, and make things happen for me. It’s your time to take action for what you want too.

It’s that time for you to move forward, to curate and create your life… to manifest all that you desire, and to take action, live large, show up…

That’s what we do in my upcoming women’s 3 month gathering circle.

Dance with your Desires Mastermind, 

Illuminating and Manifesting

…what you are wanting, wanting more of, wanting to change, and how you want to live, your lifestyle, your cravings. Your desires. Making self-care your highest goal and your business plan, with your creative feminine energy. Bringing more pleasure into your life so you can create and manifest from that soul place of deep satisfaction, renewal, and clarity, with confidence and intuitive connection!

I love this so much! And I want to help guide you to get clarity, take action and dive into those desires. What a grand way to start off the new year, investing in you. Time. You get to become a time creator and make this about you. Taking YOU time to really listen in, and feel how you want to feel doing what you want to do and love.

Now is the time to sign up to hold your spot. Click here…

We start January 18th, and meet for 3 months, weekly – 9 group gatherings and a special one-on-one time with me to get you kick-started, plus co-working time with your circle of magical creative women. We are talking accountability. I don’t know about you, but I love to walk my talk, and I too, want someone to listen to me and hold, not only my hand, but hold me accountable to do the things that are going to move my needle forward and help me stay on the train! And that happens in our circle, with inspiration and quality time with your inner circle.

If you have questions, are not sure if this is right for you, let’s chat… book a free phone chat with me and let’s see what you are wanting and if this is the right place for you at this time. Schedule that call here…Let’s do this!


I have so much gratitude for having this opportunity to connect with you all…Do you believe we’ve had another full year of connections, chats, rants, magic, poetry, coaching and more? Both on my FB Lives and my interviews on Heart and Hustle: Visionary Healers, Movers, and Shakers, as well as my blog posts, and masterclasses and zoom calls!

And how this year has flown by! Last week, I also finished up my last interview for Heart and Hustle for the year, with the amazing Pamela Sue Johnson, artist, creator, entrepreneur, and all around sassy badass.  (Her interview will go live this week, but make sure to check out the past interviews on YouTube, here 

This will be my 134th episode! Wow… my vision for this video podcast was to network with others, to introduce other amazing creators to you, to share stories, which is my favorite thing to do. For inspiration, to be inspired, to see what others are doing in the world, those who are living their dreams, building their businesses, creating their art, following their passions. Not always easy, but rewarding to curate the life and lifestyle you desire.

Many of these guests have been my clients, who have stepped into their visions and their power to clarify and create what they are wanting to do and be and how to live in the crazy fabulous world we live in. I am so honored to have met and chatted with so many folks from around the globe and had the opportunity to share them with you, my friends. Sharing these interviews with you every other week, I realized just now that I’ve been doing this for over 5 years, WHAT????  134 episodes!

My vision continues into next year, to bring visionaries out and share their stories, help them move forward in their dreams and businesses too, as I love to support small business owners and build communities of all shapes and styles…  I’ve also been so fortunate to be guests over the years on many podcasts too, so fun to be a featured guest!

I hope you have enjoyed these podcast interviews, whether you watch them on youtube or vimeo, or listen in on SoundCloud and iTunes (please subscribe and let me know how you have enjoyed them, or who you would like to see me interview!)

So much gratitude for all of you making change in the world, following your dreams, sharing them with me, and us, and living full-on… and for you my viewers and listeners too, I am blessed, thank you!

May this holiday season spread much cheer for you…


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thank you for being here, I love you…