You Still Have Time!

But we are starting Tuesday! So if you’ve been thinking about joining us in the upcoming 3 month-long Mastermind — Illumination — then now is the time to get signed up.

If your gut is saying “DO IT”, then listen in deep, my friend. Because it’s time to do this for you, for your dreams, your desires, your work, your art, your words, your dance, your body, and your heart and soul!

Illuminate, baby, all that you are and all that you are wanting. We already have a small and intimate group of creative women, ready to get started Tuesday with listening, sharing, supporting, and getting support, along with intensive coaching and tools for making that change.

Shine your light because the world needs you and what you have to offer, and more importantly, YOU need you and that connection with your dreams to sparkle and glow.

This is what Lori B, has to say about working with me, alongside other fab women in another mastermind I have been running for 1 ½ years…

“Hello, I am Lori Bullett from Gaysville Vermont, in the United States. I joined the Mastermind Group From Soulless Job to Creative Abundance in April of 2020.  I came to this group burned out and feeling stuck in multiple part-time jobs that provided income but no real sense of accomplishment or potential for growth.  Working with this group of fabulous women from around the globe, facilitated by Paulette Rees-Denis, has been a huge source of support and inspiration for me over the past year and a half, that has led to some truly magical changes in my life.

With Paulette’s long list of practical tools and the container of accountability that the Mastermind group provides, I have been able to establish new routines to create beautiful forward momentum in my life. I have developed a morning ritual of meditation and journaling, which has been super helpful in managing my stress and anxiety, as well as, helping me gain clarity with what a creatively abundant life means to me.  Acknowledging that dance and the healing arts are what I am most passionate about and making a commitment to prioritize them in my daily life was the first big step I took towards living more authentically, and Paulette and  the Mastermind group were there to gently push me down the path of fruition.

Since April of 2020, I have received three Global Caravan Dance Certifications, including my Level One Teacher Training.  This past August, I started teaching my first level one dance class and I am loving it!  I am not only doing something that I love and sharing it with others, but I am also making money doing it! I am truly grateful to Paulette and the ladies of my Mastermind Group for their ongoing support in my personal journey towards a joyfully creative life.”

 (or you can watch and listen to her here!

So fill out your registration page and we start Tuesday, 1:00 pm PST, for 3 months… Click here to sign up…

Illumination the Mastermind,

virtually, from wherever you are in the world!

We meet on Tuesdays, starting September 28, 1:00 pm, PST

Join me  and our magical circle for 3 months of YOU!

 So fill out your registration page and we start Tuesday, 1:00 pm PST, for 3 months… Click here to sign up…

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Let’s do this together….See you soon my friend!


Finally! Starting in October… what I’ve been talking about for centuries!!! 

From the Body to the Page

our weekly virtual gathering to journal, dive deep, ask questions, honor the flow, gain clarity, write poetry, enjoy your words and process!

More info to come!!!

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