Hi there,

I always enjoy talking about creativity, and your creative zone of genius.

Do you know that YOU are creativity itself, creating all of creation?

You are a unique expression of the Divine.

Yet perhaps you’ve been playing small, hiding your precious presence, which is your unique gift to the world.

You know you are here to create, but are you fully expressing your authentic self?

Maybe you find yourself in a moment of transition. Looking for ways to use your creative and healing gifts in service of transformation…

So how do you unwrap your gifts and step into your power to fully express yourself in the world – and actively co-create the New Earth we are collectively here to birth?

At Powerfully YOU! hosted by Deborah Epstein you get to delve deep into your creative imagination, where you will be invited to release any fears that get in the way of living your dream. You’ll discover the confidence to stretch into your unique power and birth your creative vision!

YOU can live the creative life that you dream about, in a way that is abundant, self-sustaining and free.

Your journey begins in the powerful portal of the 12/12 Divine Light Gateway, the perfect moment to begin our work.

I am so excited to be one of 12 creative and healing mentors at this transformational event, who will support you in using your imagination to the fullest to create a truly aligned, integrated and magical life ✨

Are you ready to step into the Crucible of Your Own Imagination?

It’s time to be Powerfully YOU:
Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness
& Express Your Magnificence in the World!

Yes please!!! Join us, *|FNAME|*. Click below to join us, Deborah Epstein & your 12 Creative Healing Mentors at Powerfully YOU! December 12th – 17th 2021. https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/paulette/

P.S. Let’s embark on a Divinely-Guided journey of healing and expansion! Unlock your creativity to transform and activate your unique power of self-expression.

It’s time to be POWERFULLY YOU: Unwrap Your Gifts, Embrace Your Greatness & Express Your Magnificence in the World! https://lifeisartsummit.com/signup/paulette/~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Take some time to write together and time to read aloud your journaling, with encouragement and support. This is time for you to take the pen to the page, listen deep within your body, and enjoy this hour of YOU and your creativity unfolding.
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